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Posted on 07/28/2020 4.00 AM

Kosh's Shadow 7/26/2020 12:18:54 PM

Posted by: Kosh's Shadow

doppelganglander 7/28/2020 6:34:09 AM
Sad news in my work email this morning. One of my co-workers passed away suddenly over the weekend. She was a lovely person, and she was very kind and helpful to me when I started my job. 
Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 6:49:21 AM

Reply to doppelganglander in 1:

Sorry to hear it, dopps.

Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 6:53:40 AM

Georgetown, DC, motorist woman terrorized by self-righteous thugs; neighborhood paper sneers at her as 'The Georgetown Karen". 

My comment is currently "awaiting moderation".

I'm not sure it will be "allowed". 

buzzsawmonkey 7/28/2020 6:58:13 AM

Well, you've got to hand it to the Left---oh, wait; we already have.  Their revolution is almost over except the formality of autumn mail-in-vote fraud, which will continue until Thanksgiving, when the Democrats give thanks for their victory over family meals of delicious stuffed ballot box. "Family" to be a highly elastic term, of course.

Listening to Morning Sedition, I was struck by the absolute brilliance of their staging their revolution under cover of a "pandemic"; the old French Revolution "Committee for Public Safety" has been supplanted by various and sundry Committees for Public Health, under the direction of the "Center for Disease Control."  

The patchwork hodgepodge of ever-changing and ever-conflicting regulations and decrees are a feature, not a bug.  They are designed to keep a populace already conditioned to supinely accept without question the nonsensical utterances of "Science!™" immobilized by uncertainty and confusion---"You don't want to die, do you? Do you want your kids to die? Then do this now, even if it's the opposite of what we said you could or should do last week!" 

The ever-changing "health" decrees have already made it routine for the government (at all levels) to interfere in the routine operations of business---all business, at all levels---in ways that would have been unthinkable even a year ago. That's totalitarianism, right here, right now---even in so-called "red states."  If vote-by-mail is imposed, for "health" reasons of course, look for massive confusion and countrywide contesting of election results, ending in a Democratic sweep sufficient to leave conservative areas isolated and powerless.  Consider, also, that the CDC has already tried to shoehorn itself into gun control issues on a "public health" basis.  Though that has been derided and somewhat marginalized, in the wake of the Great Health Putsch the CDC will surely re-up its interference in legal gun ownership.

Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 7:05:50 AM

In #4 buzzsawmonkey said: oh, wait; we already have

No, we haven't.  Don't despair.  Fight.

buzzsawmonkey 7/28/2020 7:08:28 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 5:

I am trying to figure out how.

vxbush 7/28/2020 8:47:15 AM

In #5 Occasional Reader said: No, we haven't.  Don't despair.  Fight.

With the greatest of respect to you, OR, who is fighting? That church out west that lost at the Supreme Court? Shoppers at Walmart who are refused entry if they don't don the requisite totem of health safety? 

While we may have the numbers and we may hold the reign of power in some cities, we have become far too passive. Which hill do we die on? Isn't this exactly the problem we've seen with Republicans in Congress--there is never a hill big enough to die on? 

I am starting to think along buzz's line--we've lost. Part of the problem may be that we think spouting off in chat rooms and Twitter is the same as complaining to our representatives and senators. It isn't. 

Please convince me that I am wrong. Please. 

Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 8:56:31 AM

In #7 vxbush said: I am starting to think along buzz's line--we've lost

In #7 vxbush said: we have become far too passive

See the problem?

Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 9:05:09 AM

"How do I fight?" does not give rise to one, single answer.  it's a menu.

Yes, be vocal with your elected representatives, as vxbush's note alludes to.

Volunteer to be a poll-watcher, and/or for your local election board.

At the other end of the spectrum - preparing for trouble - arm yourself, if you can, train yourself, and look into initiatives like this one. (I'm still interested in feedback on that particular organization, but the idea per se, I think, is a very good one.) 

And at a more day-to-day level; don't shut up, don't stay quiet.  As a modest example; last night I had dinner at an outdoor-seating restaurant with one of my few "in real life" conservative friends in this area.  I noticed that while we were speaking about current events, she kept dropping her voice and looking around first to see who is listening.  NO.  I spoke in a normal tone of voice.  And when I hear acquaintances mouthing the crazed platitudes circulating on the left these days, i don't just shut up and take it.  Obviously there are prudential limits to this - I'm not going to stroll through Anacostia shouting "BLM is a fraud!".  But don't be cowed, don't be silent, don't speak your mind only furtively and in hushed tones. 

Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 12:44:33 PM
Sheesh, I write "don't be silent",  and everybody goes silent.... 
lucius septimius 7/28/2020 1:04:12 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 10:

I'm screaming silently after getting the news that oldest boy flunked two of his classes -- ones he should have aced.  

vxbush 7/28/2020 1:31:43 PM

In #10 Occasional Reader said: Sheesh, I write "don't be silent",  and everybody goes silent.... 

Sorry. Snowed under at work. 

Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 1:43:15 PM

Reply to lucius septimius in 11:

Ugh.  Very sorry to hear that.

doppelganglander 7/28/2020 1:52:55 PM

Reply to lucius septimius in 11:

Sigh. Does he have any idea what you went through for him to attend college?

Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 2:06:21 PM
So I did not watch, but it sounds like the House Judiciary Committee "hearing" with AG Barr was quite the sh*tshow
JCM 7/28/2020 2:11:11 PM
Rep Jordan played this at the hearing today.
Occasional Reader 7/28/2020 3:40:13 PM

Reply to JCM in 16:

This longer clip of his testimony, including the video, is even better. He lays out piece by piece how the Obama administration and its minions spied on political opponents, and then conspired to try to bring down a constitutionally elected president.

Kosh's Shadow 7/28/2020 3:55:16 PM

Disgraced FBI agent Strzok to release book on Russia, Trump

Will it be classified as fiction?

I'm sure it will be a real Page-turner

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