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Saturday Morning

Posted on 09/19/2020 4.00 AM

Kosh's Shadow 9/13/2020 1:20:39 PM

Posted by: Kosh's Shadow

PaladinPhil 9/19/2020 4:55:04 AM
Good frosty morning. Wrist is feeling better finally. Will be back to work in the bakery by the end of next week. The Squire finally had a good day at school yesterday without acting out badly. Been a challenge for the teachers and the principal. Hopefully things will be better as the year progresses.
Syrah 9/19/2020 7:32:19 AM
Fun times ahead.
Syrah 9/19/2020 7:45:46 AM

What strange times.

it is the weekend, which means more rioting.

We are in the middle of a contentious election, we are still suffering an increasingly dubious pandemic, we have nightly riots in American blue cities, and now have a Supreme Court Nomination fight on the docket.

The political air is getting that weird, tingly, anxiety feel it just like you get when a thunderstorm is about to unleash its first lightning strike.

Syrah 9/19/2020 7:49:28 AM

Reply to Syrah in 3:

The Biden Campaign has already announced that there will be no appearances today.

Wouldn't it be the “Cherry On Top” for Biden to withdraw from the campaign in the next week or two due to health reasons? 

doppelganglander 9/19/2020 8:33:38 AM

Reply to Syrah in 4:

They're going to drag his rotting carcass across the finish line if that's what it takes. Weekend at Biden's. 

Occasional Reader 9/19/2020 8:50:31 AM

Shiver me whiskers!

(Guess what day it is)

JCM 9/19/2020 9:15:42 AM

Rain! Sweet Rain!

Air quality is much better.

lucius septimius 9/19/2020 1:43:26 PM
The ED brought back the kids from her mom's house.  They stopped on the way for "lunch."  At 4:00.  *sigh*
Kosh's Shadow 9/19/2020 4:31:36 PM
While everyone celebrates Ruth Bader Ginsburg's civility, when my wife was sworn in to practice in front of the Supreme Court, I note the only two justices who came to the reception were Scalia and O'Connor. Not Ginsburg.
Occasional Reader 9/19/2020 4:52:36 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 9:

Well, it figures that Irish and Italians would show up for free booze.


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