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Tuesday, keep on keepin' on!

Posted on 01/26/2021 5.00 AM

JCM 1/24/2021 1:48:20 PM


Posted by: JCM

vxbush 1/26/2021 5:07:34 AM
Happy Tuesday. Looks like I have about 1/10" of ice on my driveway, but the main roads seem pretty clear. Darn. I wanted a closure at work today. 
lucius septimius 1/26/2021 5:31:09 AM

Reply to vxbush in 1:

Looks like you were at the southern edge of the storm.  Snowing pretty heavy up at mom's place.

vxbush 1/26/2021 5:38:17 AM

In #2 lucius septimius said: Looks like you were at the southern edge of the storm.  Snowing pretty heavy up at mom's place.

They predicted a lot of ice and a lot of snow, but it was pretty clear at the end of work yesterday that we were just going to get grazed by the storm. 

lucius septimius 1/26/2021 5:53:40 AM
Tulsi has been on fire lately.  Too bad she is just another socialist at heart.
buzzsawmonkey 1/26/2021 7:17:41 AM

How can you tell that Joe Biden is, indeed, a big churchman?

He's a nave knave who uses his roodness as a screen, and his boys are re-choired to bring him a cut from their collection plates.

buzzsawmonkey 1/26/2021 7:22:10 AM

Reply to lucius septimius in 4:

Gabbard is correct as far as her condemnation of Brennan et. al.  It is sad, however---and telling---that to do so she feels obligated to buy into the "insurrection" narrative.

Occasional Reader 1/26/2021 7:22:50 AM

Good morning. Chuck Schumer: you know, Biden should declare a “climate emergency“ so he can just rule by decree and ignore Congress.

These people are crazy and evil.

Occasional Reader 1/26/2021 7:24:43 AM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 5:

Pew! Those puns stank... you should really buttress your argument a little better than that.

JCM 1/26/2021 7:37:13 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 7:

Don't need that just say COVID spreads because of Gorebull Warming.

Occasional Reader 1/26/2021 7:51:15 AM

Reply to JCM in 9:

They control both houses of Congress, and that’s still not enough. They want a leftist dictator. And that’s the *Senate majority leader* saying that. Absolutely insane.

buzzsawmonkey 1/26/2021 8:16:29 AM

Like the cheat cheat cheat of Dominion
With the dead of night vote count
Like the phony mail-in ballots 
In an oversized amount
Like the preprinted fake ballot forms
(As into the shredders they go)
So the trolls and media keep repeating, "Joe, Joe, Joe..."

---apologies to Cole Porter

Occasional Reader 1/26/2021 8:19:37 AM

I’ve been trying to load a photo here of the front page of “China daily“, taken at a newspaper box in the street about 20 minutes ago, but it won’t load. Anyway, the main headline reads: “Xi says unity is the right approach“. 

Good dog, Joe, your master approves of your political slogan.

vxbush 1/26/2021 8:23:17 AM
Mark Steyn is trying to finally get rid of Mann's lawsuit against him in a new motion. I'm going to be reading this over lunch today--you know, so I can recall when the rule of law supposedly still applied but was publicly identified as not fair because it would mean a university would lose money from the loss of grants. 
JCM 1/26/2021 8:40:08 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 10:

Now that they have a working template for election fraud at the both the State and Federal levels, and a working memory hole for all mention of the fraud my fear that there will not be a opposition party for quite some time. Milktoast Mitch and the RINO party don't count as opposition.

JCM 1/26/2021 9:01:32 AM

Reply to vxbush in 13:

The whole suit was such garbage I never understood how it didn't get tossed on day one, well legally speaking. In the Global Warming culture it is totally understandable.

Mann's case was basically.... Steyn disagreed with me publically! He can't do that!

vxbush 1/26/2021 9:15:18 AM

In #15 JCM said: Mann's case was basically.... Steyn disagreed with me publically! He can't do that!

I agree. You have to wonder about someone's ego when he has to attack those who disagree with him about his research. 

JCM 1/26/2021 9:19:25 AM

Reply to vxbush in 16:

Mann opened himself up when he refused to provide data and methodology for peer review.

buzzsawmonkey 1/26/2021 9:22:06 AM

In #15 JCM said: Mann's case was basically.... Steyn disagreed with me publically! He can't do that!

That's basically the same thing that they said about Trump's "baseless" claims of vote fraud.

Occasional Reader 1/26/2021 10:44:32 AM
Look, guys, it’s a very simple rule. Anyone who disagrees with elite “progressive“ opinion publicly is guilty of sedition, and insurrection, and treason. OK?
JCM 1/26/2021 11:00:16 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 19:

And after your execution there will be a fair trial.

lucius septimius 1/26/2021 11:21:28 AM

Update -- the teacher who assigned the awful Netflix Peta-Funded pro-Vegan documentary revealed that she wanted them to discover that it was absolute bunk.  Youngest boy got a shout out for looking up the information and pointing out it was not only wrong but dangerous.  That made me feel much better.

Meanwhile, in social studies they finished a section on the persecution of women in Iran and are now learning about the persecution of Christians in Sudan.  If the teacher was in the public schools she would have been broken on the wheel.

Occasional Reader 1/26/2021 11:28:31 AM

Reply to lucius septimius in 21:

I hope this teacher is at least instructing the students in the sacrament of recycling!

doppelganglander 1/26/2021 11:36:31 AM

Reply to lucius septimius in 21:

I'm impressed with both the teacher and Youngest Boy. 

vxbush 1/26/2021 12:02:44 PM

In #23 doppelganglander said: I'm impressed with both the teacher and Youngest Boy. 


JCM 1/26/2021 12:21:52 PM

[WA] State unemployment commissioner tapped for position in Biden-Harris administration

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Employment Security Department Commissioner Suzi LeVine will be leaving her post at the end of January.

LeVine has been tapped by the new Biden-Harris administration for an undisclosed position.

JCM 1/26/2021 12:24:30 PM

Reply to JCM in 25:

This is the woman who "lost" $650 million in unemployment funds. Under her watch basic web security features were turned off. There has been no real investigation or attempt to recover the funds.

Her qualifications are she's a super (D) bundler.

Makes one start to think about where that money went....

JCM 1/26/2021 12:26:12 PM

Washington Post scrubs negative Kamala Harris article; restores it after backlash

Dang, people have memories!

Occasional Reader 1/26/2021 12:35:57 PM

President von Hindenburg's motorcade just drove up the avenue (by my place) a few minutes ago.  

I feel so... blessed... 

vxbush 1/26/2021 12:37:38 PM
Those of you with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) will want to update sooner rather than later. 
vxbush 1/26/2021 12:37:40 PM
Those of you with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) will want to update sooner rather than later. 
JCM 1/26/2021 12:52:26 PM

Reply to vxbush in 29:

Reply to vxbush in 30:

So I have to update twice?


JCM 1/26/2021 2:56:10 PM

turn 1/26/2021 3:36:28 PM

Reply to JCM in 32:
Chances are they already have!

Kosh's Shadow 1/26/2021 4:22:07 PM

Remember Idiocracy?

Movie about a future run by idiots.

We need Wokeocracy, an future run by people where the basis for getting jobs is the level on the intersectionality victim scale and how well the person accepts all of the Woke ideas.

In this movie, the protagonists in suspended animation wake up, and everyone is shocked they have no social media profile (the internet is run by China, which still has people who are indoctrinated in what the CCP wants, but are competent), and when they try to say anything, get beaten to death when they say something like "Our lives matter" or cannot pay slavery reparations,

Short movie

Kosh's Shadow 1/26/2021 4:53:43 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 34:

Also, the social news media (there is no other news media) never mentions gang killings, unless a gangbanger is killed by the police. The main characters run through the violent ghetto and wonder where the police are, but the police are just protecting the Lords of Social Media in their gated enclaves, where they have illegal aliens as slaves because they're cheaper than the mandated minimum wage.

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