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Posted on 02/21/2021 5.00 AM

JCM 2/19/2021 7:01:06 PM

Posted by: JCM

lucius septimius 2/21/2021 5:20:46 AM
Coffee is made -- biscuits are about to go into the oven.
Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 8:39:36 AM

So, did COVID come from a Wuhan lab?

A few takeaways:

A large number of the Western researchers who claim there is no way this originated in the labs have links to China, in particular, to the same kind of research..

The Wuhan lab disappeared samples over a year ago.
Also people who reported om those who first got the disease had their articles disappear and often they disappeared, too.

The lab was doing work on making bat viruses more dangerous and more infective. 

But this is just from skimming the article.

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 8:40:52 AM

Biden's latest Israel-hating nominee to the State Department

President Joe Biden’s nominee for a top State Department position played a key role in assembling a book on the nefarious influence of the “Israel lobby” while working for an organization that promoted claims about Jewish media control and dual loyalty to Israel.

As a staffer at the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Uzra Zeya compiled research for a book that argues that “the Israel lobby has subverted the American political process to take control of U.S. Middle East policy” by establishing a secret network of “dirty money” PACs that bribe and extort congressional candidates into taking pro-Israel positions.

Zeya, a former U.S. diplomat who was nominated for undersecretary for civilian security, democracy, and human rights, worked for the Washington Report and its publishing group, the American Educational Trust, in 1989 and 1990. The news outlet is staunchly anti-Israel and has published articles questioning the national loyalty of American Jews and opposing taxpayer funding to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

JCM 2/21/2021 8:46:23 AM

Imagine if Trump said this.....

Not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and the African-American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner city districts, know how to use … Know how to get online .....

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 10:02:49 AM

Reply to JCM in 4:

Shows that the Democrats are actually racist - they think the only way blacks and hispanics will have economic parity is if the money is given to them, not by them working for it.

JCM 2/21/2021 12:21:25 PM

The first 30 days of Biden's reign are as bad as we feared

We have now been through the first 30 days of this nightmarish Progressivetory (Progressive Purgatory). This, the first month that Biden has been placed in the White House by the Progressives (Deep State/Globalists/Socialists). Within this first month that the cabal has instituted its figurehead, we have seen our worst fears realized and our timid hopes destroyed. Here is what we now know and have learned in just one short month of what the Progressive Dystopians have done and are planning to do against America and her people.
JCM 2/21/2021 12:27:07 PM

Media once again gets it wrong.

Picture of the engine.

The stories are that this was an "uncontained" engine failure.

Note that on blade and a partial fan blade are missing. Now look at the tan / brown circular body around that main fan. The tan / brown is kevlar. That body around the main fan is intact.

The engine failure was contained.

The vibrations from those missing blades shook the engine cowling off.

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 1:57:41 PM

In #7 JCM said: The vibrations from those missing blades shook the engine cowling off.

No, it was a gremlin like in the clip I linked to in yesterday's pub/

JCM 2/21/2021 2:07:39 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 8:

Which Gremlin, Bugs Bunny's?

Occasional Reader 2/21/2021 2:23:58 PM

In #9 JCM said: Which Gremlin, Bugs Bunny's?

No, AMC's.  Or maybe it was from the Bugs Bunny "gremlins" episode, which I watched on AMC.

Anyway... Little OR is now dropped off with his mom for the week.  Nap time for me, followed by dinner and, yes, a massage.  

I'm thankful, again, that I have a good co-parenting relationship with my son's mom; but at dropoff, she gave a small "demonstration" of the reason why I ended the couples-relationship with her in the first place (by getting all bent out of shape over, literally, nothing).   She's hardworking mom, and overall a good one, but, yeah, the lady has issues.

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 2:34:24 PM

Reply to JCM in 9:

This gremlin

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 3:17:35 PM
Won't give a Black Power salute? Think the Holocaust should be considered in meetings about racism? You're FIRED!
lucius septimius 2/21/2021 3:24:08 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 12:

The person who fired her is now superintendent of our county schools.

Alice in Dairyland 2/21/2021 3:56:12 PM

In #10 Occasional Reader said: but, yeah, the lady has issues.

I've got news for you...we all do./

buzzsawmonkey 2/21/2021 3:57:40 PM

In #13 lucius septimius said: The person who fired her is now superintendent of our county schools.

Lucky you.  Happy happy joy joy.

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 4:09:19 PM

In #13 lucius septimius said: superintendent of our county schools.

Supertendant of skools here



JCM 2/21/2021 4:18:18 PM

Reply to lucius septimius in 13:

I've done enough work with our school district to discover that incompetent teachers get move out of the classroom into Admin slots.

Then the best route to advancement is to be incompetent in their role and get promoted.

The epic idiocy I've dealt with you are all too familiar with.

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 4:26:29 PM

Reply to JCM in 17:

And the idiocy in the "educational" system goes back 40 years at least. I've referred to articles from the 80'sl, largely.

I just made it through, actually learning the Democrats were the party of the KKK, Solid South, etc.

Now, a post during the week discussed how students aren't learning history.

Black history month? No BLANK history month.

Occasional Reader 2/21/2021 4:32:14 PM

In #14 Alice in Dairyland said: I've got news for you...we all do./

Yes,  but some more than others. A lot more.

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 4:37:00 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 19:

And some will yell no matter what choice you make.

Kosh's Shadow 2/21/2021 4:46:03 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 20:

As in "I'm hungry but if you cook that I'll throw it in the trash"

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