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Saturday lox and bagels

Posted on 02/27/2021 7.38 AM

Kosh's Shadow 2/27/2021 7:39:16 AM

Posted by: Kosh's Shadow

lucius septimius 2/27/2021 7:55:33 AM
I see somebody slept in this morning -- a bit too much Purim?
Kosh's Shadow 2/27/2021 8:07:43 AM

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JCM usually does the morning threads. I got tired early last night and forgot to check until this morning.

Occasional Reader 2/27/2021 8:22:04 AM
Good morning!  I am at Starbucks, and again in honor of Purim, I’m having a Haman cheese croissant, and a morde-Chai Latte.
doppelganglander 2/27/2021 9:24:09 AM
Greetings, fellow kids. It's a bit gray here but not cold. I'm cleaning house before I go shopping. I ordered plant lights so I can start seeds indoors. I need a table of some sort to put them on, some little pods in a tray, and of course seeds.
Occasional Reader 2/27/2021 9:27:25 AM
And in one of the rights of passage for middle-age, I just got my second shingles vaccine. So please don’t playfully punch me in the left shoulder today. Or not playfully, for that matter.
doppelganglander 2/27/2021 11:31:31 AM

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I got the first one a few weeks ago. After watching my boyfriend suffer with it, I was anxious to get it. I had a lump and a whopping bruise at the injection site that's finally fading.

Occasional Reader 2/27/2021 12:00:19 PM

In #6 doppelganglander said: After watching my boyfriend suffer with it

Yikes.  I understand that having it is absolutely no fun whatsoever.

Kosh's Shadow 2/27/2021 12:18:08 PM

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My father had shingles, so I had the vaccine when suggested, but it was the old one, not as effective. The new one was not available yet.

JCM 2/27/2021 12:56:17 PM
Best one yet...

Out doing the shopping pull up next a young lady. In her car alone wearing a mask.

I see a lot of that... except she then pulls her mask down and takes a bite of a burger.

And puts her mask up while she chews.

It struck me, that's how it works, "authority" speaks and she obeys. No thought, no critical thinking, just obedience.

Occasional Reader 2/27/2021 2:24:23 PM

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she’s keeping both herself and her burger safe!

lucius septimius 2/27/2021 2:41:53 PM

In #10 Occasional Reader said: she’s keeping both herself and her burger safe!

Double entredre anyone?

Kosh's Shadow 2/27/2021 4:19:46 PM

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