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Posted on 05/02/2021 5.00 AM

Kosh's Shadow 5/1/2021 8:59:14 PM

Posted by: Kosh's Shadow

Occasional Reader 5/2/2021 10:09:50 AM
Howdy.  Spent an hour and 40 minutes after showing up for my “appointment” at Urgent Care in order to get a diagnosis, which I already knew, of an incipient ear infection in Little OR,  and get a script for antibiotics. 

So, that was the gist of my Sunday morning.  But at least it’s done.  

I’ll be leaving in about 50 minutes to drop him with his mom for the week (-plus, in this case), then doing some work, packing for my trip, and doing a home Covid-19 test as a precaution prior to seeing my parents this week.

While in the waiting room at Urgent Care, they had “Meet The Press” on the telescreen.  In one segment, they gished about how even though Bernard Sanders lost the last two rounds of (D) POTUS nomination, he has now “won the battle of ideas” within the party. So... the Democratic Party is now socialist.  Even THEY say so (even if the prefer to call it “very Progressive” instead, which is what MtP was doing.)
@PBJ3 5/2/2021 10:23:57 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 1:

Have a nice trip.  I think you'll find a few places open for business now.

Kosh's Shadow 5/2/2021 3:58:08 PM

The bog is so slow recently.

I just hope everyone in the gulag survives until I get taken away, too.....

buzzsawmonkey 5/2/2021 4:21:29 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 3:

There was some nice activity a few days ago.  We could use a little fresh blood, though; I wonder whatever happened to Babba?

Kosh's Shadow 5/2/2021 4:27:19 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 4:

Her SO was sick; I posted something here about it. I am afraid to ask more.

I have no idea who to invite here. CyberSimian came back for  short time, and Gak flew in a while ago.

And I will point out everyone is free to invite anyone - even new people. 

They start as guests, not members, and cannot access the Frontier.

buzzsawmonkey 5/2/2021 4:36:24 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 5:

I hope Babba's OK.  She's fun to agree with---and disagree with.

Meantime, my circle of acquaintance is narrowing, but I'll keep things in mind.

Alice in Dairyland 5/2/2021 5:16:55 PM
I've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather the past couple of days.  Working out in the yard, getting it spruced up for summer.  Repotted a few plants for outside, but kept most the plants in the basement under the lights yet.  Looked like we were passed freezing, but checked the forecast after repotting and now is says close to freezing every night this week.  We'll have to drag them (they're big pots) into the garage overnight.  A few of the geraniums we keep over winter, we've had since 1975.  My husband worked in a green house one summer after leaving the service.  He brought these home for himself, his mom and his sister.  I have never seen this same geranium for sale since.  Unfortunately, I can't remember its name.  I'm considering taking some cuts from them to the local Amish greenhouses and seeing if they can get them back into circulation again.  I'll have to search the internet again and see if I can find their name before though.   

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