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Posted on 05/21/2021 5.00 AM

JCM 5/15/2021 5:51:07 PM

Posted by: JCM

lucius septimius 5/21/2021 6:21:57 AM
Ugh.  Oldest boy has been awful about taking care of his teeth.  The result is a massive dental bill.  I'm pissed.
buzzsawmonkey 5/21/2021 6:40:37 AM

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An example of tooth or consequences.

lucius septimius 5/21/2021 6:47:55 AM

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Y'know it was the first time he messed up his teeth that started the road to the end of my career.  

JCM 5/21/2021 7:35:15 AM

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We keep harping on the boys to brush.

They resist.

They when we go to the dentist their teeth are fine.

See Dad, we don't need to brush.....


buzzsawmonkey 5/21/2021 7:44:16 AM

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If the brash don't brush, their mouths become mush...

JCM 5/21/2021 7:45:54 AM

So I get a recruiting call.

The tip of was that they wanted to know if I had experience with a particular set of software tools.

Really outdated software.

Hmmm.... if you can't afford to update your tools.... not sure I'm interested.

buzzsawmonkey 5/21/2021 7:54:29 AM

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They want to update their tools---but they want you to be the tool.

JCM 5/21/2021 9:31:15 AM

Seattle inspector general urges elimination of routine traffic stops by police

For "safety"....

Here's the thing, law abiding people maintain their vehicles, keep registration, insurance etc... up to date and follow traffic laws.

I don't know about hard data but talking with cops I know the number of arrests result from traffic stops is significant. People who ignore the law and do crime ignore traffic laws, and often have warrants.

It might be "safer" for the criminals to eliminate traffic stops, but certainly not for the general public.

doppelganglander 5/21/2021 9:55:00 AM

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I remember. Perhaps it's time for him to get a job and contribute to the cost.

lucius septimius 5/21/2021 10:15:12 AM

In #9 doppelganglander said: Perhaps it's time for him to get a job and contribute to the cost.

He's been looking.  Despite all the hype there aren't that many jobs out there.

doppelganglander 5/21/2021 10:37:27 AM

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Unemployment in Georgia is 4.3%, so that's understandable. Fortunately, most dentists will work out a payment plan or spread the procedure out over weeks or months, if possible. His mother should be paying a chunk of it, too.

Occasional Reader 5/21/2021 10:38:01 AM

In #8 JCM said: It might be "safer" for the criminals

That is explicitly what the Progs want.  They don’t even pretend otherwise anymore.

JCM 5/21/2021 11:48:45 AM

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Disarm the population.

Enable and arm criminals.

The public will demand safety.

The Statists will provide "safety" with a Police State.

lucius septimius 5/21/2021 12:01:00 PM

In #11 doppelganglander said: His mother should be paying a chunk of it, too.

Her insurance will cover part of it, but not anything near to all.

lucius septimius 5/21/2021 12:07:07 PM

Occasional Reader 5/21/2021 1:58:38 PM

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I'll bet that Lego set costs a Lot.

Kosh's Shadow 5/21/2021 2:21:24 PM

In #16 Occasional Reader said: I'll bet that Lego set costs a Lot.

And it doesn't even include a pillar of salt.

Kosh's Shadow 5/21/2021 2:26:13 PM

Craziness on the left - California leftists want to remove penalties for using a gun when committing crimes

But making gun ownership illegal? Just fine with them.

These people are just not sane

Kosh's Shadow 5/21/2021 2:33:46 PM
Opened Pub early
JCM 5/21/2021 2:55:41 PM

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In #13 JCM said: Enable and arm criminals.

Kosh's Shadow 5/21/2021 3:00:52 PM

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