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Posted on 07/25/2021 5.00 AM

JCM 7/24/2021 4:28:31 PM

Posted by: JCM

lucius septimius 7/25/2021 6:21:18 AM
Beer for breakfast?  I approve.  That's like four more slices of toast.
Occasional Reader 7/25/2021 6:50:47 AM

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as long as it’s an oatmeal stout, I don’t see the problem.

Kosh's Shadow 7/25/2021 8:04:38 AM

Israeli NGO registered a trademark for "Judea and Samaria’s Ben & Jerry’s"

Flavors like this, with a picture of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism:

Kosh's Shadow 7/25/2021 8:37:57 AM

JCM - no picture Thursday - and then I messed up trying to let you know.

There is now an empty thread waiting for a picture

JCM 7/25/2021 9:13:07 AM

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Hopefully there is one now.

JCM 7/25/2021 9:14:17 AM

The leftist plan for Seattle is working.

Chicago here we come.

At least two dead, 5 hurt after multiple shootings in downtown Seattle area
Kosh's Shadow 7/25/2021 9:32:51 AM

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Yes, there is

lucius septimius 7/25/2021 10:53:46 AM
Terminator 2, alternative ending.
Occasional Reader 7/25/2021 11:59:23 AM

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 interim Seattle Police Department Chief Adrian Diaz said the shootings were linked to an abundance on guns on city streets.”

Ah, so the guns are just sort of… scattered about, on the city streets; and they start going off by themselves.

Occasional Reader 7/25/2021 12:06:17 PM

Feel-good videos of the day.

Occasional Reader 7/25/2021 1:06:45 PM

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And more recent, NYC versions:

Occasional Reader 7/25/2021 3:12:13 PM
“Silence rained… and they all got wet”
Kosh's Shadow 7/25/2021 3:56:23 PM

So since what I really want to do with fun programming at home is write games, I found the Unreal engine, used for many high quality games is free. I did read the license agreement - royalties start after you have grossed $1,000,000 on your game. If I get that much, I will be perfectly happy to give them 5%.

However, it was a 12 GB download, and only partly through the tutorial, another 5 GB. 

It does look very powerful.

Since the late 1970,s I wanted to write a game where the player finds an old castle. There is some bad magic involved, and the player has to figure out how it works and what to do to stop it, in order to escape.

Started writing this using a set of characters on the Commodore Pet, but that wiped out all my software due to a cassette tape drive problem.

Never got very far on any other platform. Should be easier to do a full first person game, including characters to interact with, using this Unreal engine.

But I might just do something simpler.

BTW, if anyone has kids interested in writing computer games, this is supposed to have scripting language to make it easy to write many kinds of games, not just first person ones. Templates for side-scrolling games and other simple ones.

Again, free, but a LARGE download. And more downloads.

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