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Posted on 08/27/2021 5.00 AM

JCM 8/22/2021 8:21:53 AM

Posted by: JCM

lucius septimius 8/27/2021 5:38:53 AM

Well my zoom call yesterday was for the most part enlightening and contained a bit of good news.  On the other hand It is exhausting dealing with certain people who exist in a world of pure emotion without the slightest hint of reason.  Lots of nice jabs tossed in from time to time.  But mercifully the biggest potential conflict was avoided because my BIL is a complete wuss.  Talks a big game and then refuses to enter the chat.

Upshot:  mom's house is worth much more than we thought, mainly because the housing supply in her area is essentially nil.

doppelganglander 8/27/2021 6:26:14 AM

Reply to lucius septimius in 1:
Very good news indeed. I'm a little surprised because people are fleeing Illinois. I guess there will always be some people who want to move there or move up to a bigger house.

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 6:35:50 AM
Good morning.  What fresh wonders await us today, as we continue to work with our new Partners In Peace, the Taliban? 
Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 6:37:43 AM

In #1 lucius septimius said: the housing supply in her area is essentially nil.

Well, then, your  mom's house should be given for free to members of the Democratic Party base*, because equity

*  E.g. Patrice Cullors

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 7:01:57 AM

A bright spot in the gloom:

JCM 8/27/2021 7:14:46 AM

Reply to lucius septimius in 1:

If the housing supply is tight it would be worthwhile to take a short term home improvement loan. Go through the house, floors, paint, windows, bathrooms and kitchen.

I know in my area doing that to a home will have a 300% return on investment. Pay back the loan and have a excellent return.

JCM 8/27/2021 7:16:46 AM

I had another one of my random I remember something memories. Again from a Peterson lecture.

This study.

Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism

According to a "parasite stress" hypothesis, authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions characterized by a high prevalence of disease-causing pathogens. Recent cross-national evidence is consistent with this hypothesis, but there are inferential limitations associated with that evidence. We report two studies that address some of these limitations, and provide further tests of the hypothesis. Study 1 revealed that parasite prevalence strongly predicted cross-national differences on measures assessing individuals' authoritarian personalities, and this effect statistically mediated the relationship between parasite prevalence and authoritarian governance. The mediation result is inconsistent with an alternative explanation for previous findings. To address further limitations associated with cross-national comparisons, Study 2 tested the parasite stress hypothesis on a sample of traditional small-scale societies (the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample). Results revealed that parasite prevalence predicted measures of authoritarian governance, and did so even when statistically controlling for other threats to human welfare. (One additional threat—famine—also uniquely predicted authoritarianism.) Together, these results further substantiate the parasite stress hypothesis of authoritarianism, and suggest that societal differences in authoritarian governance result, in part, from cultural differences in individuals' authoritarian personalities.

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 7:28:31 AM

Reply to JCM in 7:

Haven't read the piece, but I do have to wonder if this is sort of a "wet streets cause rain" kinda thing.

Kosh's Shadow 8/27/2021 7:50:10 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 8:

I think it is more that authoritarianism arises when the people who want power can point to some enemy, made up or real, to frighten people into giving them power.

For Hitler, it was the Jews.

For Democrats, it is COVID

JCM 8/27/2021 8:07:53 AM

You have a Constitutional Right to be free from tire chalking.

CINCINNATI (CN) — The Sixth Circuit ruled Wednesday that a Michigan city's policy of chalking the tires of parked cars is not covered by the Fourth Amendment's administrative search exception.

buzzsawmonkey 8/27/2021 8:12:44 AM
Hey, hey!  The doc took me out of the "boot" and into a "surgical shoe!"  Three weeks of the latter and I can actually go back to wearing real shoes!
Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 8:26:39 AM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 11:

So please, stay where you are. Don't panic. Don't take off your shoes. Jobs is on the way!

Kosh's Shadow 8/27/2021 8:40:27 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 12:

The whole "turn in your shoes" bit was a reference to drives during WWII to collect shoes for poor people in allied countries, USSR in particular, iirc.

buzzsawmonkey 8/27/2021 8:41:50 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 12:

The debacle in Kabul is reminding me, sardonically, of the Firesign signoff that went something like, "We would like to thank the American Commonwealth Occupation Forces, the French Legume, and the Hong Kong Fireworks Company, without whom all of this would not have been necessary."

I know I'm slightly mis-remembering it, but maybe someone else can quote it correctly.

Kosh's Shadow 8/27/2021 9:06:59 AM

IIRC, that bit is from the end of Don't Crush that Dwarf.... following the musical number "We're bringing the war back home" - which kinds of fits what is going on now, that we're letting terrorists free and into the country.

buzzsawmonkey 8/27/2021 9:10:02 AM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 15:

Lest people forget, "Bring the War Back Home" was an anti-Vietnam War slogan of the Weather Underground, which was used during their "Days of Rage" in Chicago as well as elsewhere.  

And we all know who, as leaders of the Weather Underground, were the mentors of a certain recent president.

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 9:15:39 AM

I have ZERO doubt that the Biden regime have paid off/are paying off the Taliban, in one form or another.

Zero. None. Zilch

For that matter, I wonder if the leaving behind of all that US military equipment and arms intact wasn't part of a "deal".

buzzsawmonkey 8/27/2021 9:18:31 AM

In #17 Occasional Reader said: For that matter, I wonder if the leaving behind of all that US military equipment and arms intact wasn't part of a "deal".

As I said the other day, the Left excoriated Reagan for "trading arms for hostages."

Joe Biden has given the Taliban arms and hostages.

Kosh's Shadow 8/27/2021 9:19:01 AM

In #16 buzzsawmonkey said: And we all know who, as leaders of the Weather Underground, were the mentors of a certain recent president.

doppelganglander 8/27/2021 9:55:01 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 17:

The entire thing was planned. 

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 10:44:46 AM

So a Starbucks near me left out post it notes for customers to put “positive messages“ or somesuch thing up on the board.

Someone put one up reading: “Thank you, Joe Biden“.

I’xe added: “ - The Taliban”

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 10:45:57 AM

In #20 doppelganglander said: The entire thing was planned. 

Not *like this*.  I don’t think so.  

vxbush 8/27/2021 10:47:28 AM
Spent all morning getting a computer torn down so I could install a standing desk and figure out how to get power to all the pieces without having the cords chopped off by the mechanism of desk. Totally time for chocolate. 
vxbush 8/27/2021 10:48:03 AM
And oh, my God, does that breakfast look divine!!!!
vxbush 8/27/2021 10:51:07 AM

In #20 doppelganglander said: The entire thing was planned. 

In #22 Occasional Reader said: 

Not *like this*.  I don’t think so.  

How could they have bungled this any further? What else is left to give the Taliban? They had plans to avoid the loss of equipment or life. They were all thrown out. 

I'm with Doppel on this one. 

vxbush 8/27/2021 10:55:35 AM

And here's that wonderkind communicator, Jen Psaki

vxbush 8/27/2021 10:56:21 AM

Reply to vxbush in 26:

Reporter: “Just to clarify, since you said you were with him, how was he? How was his mood? How was he in dealing with all these — with the incoming information? How was he in asking the questions of military commanders (inaudible)?”

Psaki: “Well, I would say that anyone who’s watched the President up close, which is most of you, knows that the — putting the lives of servicemen and women at risk, and those decisions that you have to make as Commander-in-Chief, weigh heavily on him. And as I noted a few minutes ago, any day where you lose servicemembers is — may be the worst day of your presidency, and hopefully there’s not more. But we are certainly early in the presidency at this point in time.“

JCM 8/27/2021 10:58:43 AM

Reply to vxbush in 23:

I put a big powerstrip and switch on the desk so only a power and CAT5 line run to the desk. the rats nest is coiled up behind the desk out of sight.

JCM 8/27/2021 11:00:39 AM

Reply to vxbush in 27:

I imagine a bunch of rodents running a maze and randomly tripping word switches in her head.

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 11:03:51 AM

Reply to vxbush in 27:

I think it’s very broad minded that she has hired David Burge to help write her scripts.

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 11:36:10 AM

Reply to doppelganglander in 20: Reply to vxbush in 25:

Let me be clear (as our former Dear Leader liked to say).

When dopps says, "The entire thing was planned", I'm reading that as, "the Biden regime wanted this very outcome - the US humiliated, the Taliban strenghtened and armed with American weapons,  Americans and allies at risk of being stranded, US troops being blown up at the airport perimeter."

No, i don't think so.  It would not be in the regime's interest to look this incompetent.   This is mostly the result of...well.  incompetence.  

Kosh's Shadow 8/27/2021 1:01:41 PM


Wrongly, however yesterday on “CBS This Morning” Dr. Anthony Fauci was discussing herd immunity, and said we had over 90% immunity to measles but NYC had “Hassidic Jewish People” who were the cause of the outbreak, by choosing not to vaccinate.

Notably, he did not mention the NY Times headline which said only 28 percent of young blacks in NYC are vaccinated, or multiple studies which show that the biggest vaccine hesitancy is among African-Americans (a vastly larger population than “Hasidic Jews”)

In a time of rising Anti-Semitism in America, one wonders why the need for a leading government official to point the finger at a specific sub-culture of a religious group? The reality is that countless leading Rabbis have discussed the necessity for religious Jews to get vaccinated, including proclaiming religious rulings.

Alice in Dairyland 8/27/2021 2:12:53 PM

Did FDA Pull Bait-and-Switch on American People?

Sorry if this link from American Thinker has been posted already, but I thought it was too important to miss.

JCM 8/27/2021 2:31:40 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 32:

Remember DeCommio threatening the Jewish community but enabling the Muslim community around covid restrictions.

Kosh's Shadow 8/27/2021 2:49:34 PM

In #34 JCM said: Remember DeCommio threatening the Jewish community but enabling the Muslim community around covid restrictions.

Exactly. Leftists like Muslims even though the Muslims ban a lot of stuff leftists support.

JCM 8/27/2021 3:14:26 PM
RFK assassin Sirhan wins parole with support of 2 Kennedys
Kosh's Shadow 8/27/2021 3:16:22 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 35:

And leftists get upset at Christians who oppose gay marriage and won't bake a cake for a gay wedding - but don't say anything about Muslims executing gays.

Kosh's Shadow 8/27/2021 3:18:56 PM

Why don't they believe us? - a worthwhile read

@PBJ3 8/27/2021 3:40:41 PM

In #36 JCM said: RFK assassin Sirhan wins parole with support of 2 Kennedys

The D.A. doesn't allow the prosecutors go to the parole hearings.

I'm not happy about his release.  He plans to live in my part of town.

JCM 8/27/2021 3:50:29 PM

In #39 @PBJ3 said: The D.A. doesn't allow the prosecutors go to the parole hearings.

Too busy prosecuting hate speech cases....

Occasional Reader 8/27/2021 4:17:57 PM

Reply to JCM in 36:

like his brother, RFK was killed by a climate of right wing hate. Really, it’s Trump, and his supporters, who should be in prison.

JCM 8/27/2021 4:41:05 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 41:

You are not wrong......

Seattle police have a 60 minute response time....

But they have time for this....

Seattle Police Chief Tells People To Call 911 If They Hear 'Racist Name-Calling'

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