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Sunday JCM Slept Late

Posted on 10/03/2021 8.16 AM

Kosh's Shadow 10/3/2021 8:18:26 AM

Posted by: Kosh's Shadow

JCM 10/3/2021 8:46:09 AM

Had to a kiddo into the urgent care clinic last night, and didn't get a chance.

Thanks for breakfast Kosh!

Kosh's Shadow 10/3/2021 8:55:58 AM

Reply to JCM in 1:

You're welcome, and I hope the child is OK.

buzzsawmonkey 10/3/2021 2:43:31 PM

Didn't Trump, once upon a time, sponsor the Miss America pageant?

He ought to sponsor a new contest, called the Miss Me-Yet pageant.

Kosh's Shadow 10/3/2021 4:39:02 PM

In #3 buzzsawmonkey said: Miss Me-Yet pageant.

It will be canceled because it won't allow people who identify as female but are genetically male.

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