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Posted on 10/30/2021 5.00 AM

JCM 10/23/2021 4:55:37 PM

Posted by: JCM

Occasional Reader 10/30/2021 6:02:00 AM

Quote of the day:

JOE BIDEN, LADIED AND GENTLEMEN! Let’s give him a big round of applause!

Kosh's Shadow 10/30/2021 8:23:17 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 1:

Joe Biden on electric cars: "When you buy an electric vehicle, you can go across America on a single tank of gas figuratively speaking. It's not gas. You plug it in."

Wouldn't that be no tanks of gas?/

If most people said something like that, I'd say they must have been tanked.

Too bad this won't tank Biden.

Dukakis got tanked, too, in a different way.

JCM 10/30/2021 9:48:14 AM

Kosh's Shadow 10/30/2021 11:09:58 AM

Reply to JCM in 3:

That's certainly a plug-in electric.

Occasional Reader 10/30/2021 1:42:05 PM


lucius septimius 10/30/2021 2:24:29 PM

Was showing my daughter various 60s dances (the twist, the frug, the watusi, the monkey, the swim, etc.).

She was more than skeptical.

Kosh's Shadow 10/30/2021 2:25:31 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 5:

Especially since the Lincoln Project had people look like white supremacists go to a Youngkin rally.

Kosh's Shadow 10/30/2021 2:29:23 PM

Reply to lucius septimius in 6:

I only ever did the Twist. I have no rhythm. That helped me stay away from disco, although it didn't stop a lot of other people.

From when they come downtown From the ruins of Studio 54 To twist 'n frugg In an arrogant gesture To the best of what the 20th Century has to offer, at the MUDD CLUB

-- Frank Zappa

Kosh's Shadow 10/30/2021 3:17:46 PM

Zappa killed the thread.

On another topic, this machine learning course (free OpenCourseware version) is an MIT course - a lot of work.

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Kosh's Shadow 10/30/2021 4:54:44 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 9:
In the class, one way of representing a lot of text is the "bag of words" approach, in which either the number of times a word appears, or just that it appears, is used in the input data.

The homework problem uses Amazon food reviews, with the reviewer and product replaced by opaque identifiers.

This approach has an obvious problem:

"Nothing is better than this product"


"This product is better than nothing"

have the same representation. (My example, not theirs)

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