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Late Sunday morning

Posted on 10/31/2021 7.16 AM

Kosh's Shadow 10/31/2021 7:17:05 AM

Posted by: Kosh's Shadow

Kosh's Shadow 10/31/2021 7:19:29 AM
When I took the dogs out around 7, I heard a clunking noise; found that in the eaves, where we put a Havahart trap years ago, that a weasel got into the trap and was moving around, causing the trigger to clunk. Brought it outside and, after figuring out how to open it again, let the terrified thing out.
Alice in Dairyland 10/31/2021 8:05:50 AM
Trick or Treat! or is it too early?
Kosh's Shadow 10/31/2021 8:25:01 AM

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Based on the newspaper under the trap the weasel was in, the trap had been there for 10 years and this was the first thing it caught. Probably chasing a mouse; maybe the mouse caught in the trap nearby.

doppelganglander 10/31/2021 8:28:43 AM

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It's not a weasel, it's a marten.

Kosh's Shadow 10/31/2021 8:54:06 AM

In #4 doppelganglander said: It's not a weasel, it's a marten.


Kosh's Shadow 10/31/2021 10:20:08 AM

What do you call a deal where someone works with an evil entity to gain knowledge that puts that person in a position of great power and respect, but causes trouble for vast numbers of people?

A Faucian bargain.

Occasional Reader 10/31/2021 10:50:56 AM

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Well played.

Occasional Reader 10/31/2021 10:52:43 AM

In #1 Kosh's Shadow said: Havahart trap

I haven't seen one of those in years. They used to be made in my hometown.

Alice in Dairyland 10/31/2021 10:53:53 AM
It's a little over 4 hours until Trick or Treating begins here.  I figured it was safe to bring up the candy.  Hopefully, I can stay out of it.  Bought Quaker Chewy Dipps this year.  Basically, they are chocolate covered granola bars.  No high fructose corn syrup, no artificial preservatives or flavors and no added colors and they are 140 calories in a 1.09 oz bar.  Almost as big as a full sized candy bar, but a lot cheaper.  Full sized  Hershey bars (1.55 oz) were .70 each, these were .22 each.  Another advantage is I won't be leftover with full sized Hershey bars (220 calories) to eat.   They aren't gluten-free, but that's not a problem for me.
Occasional Reader 10/31/2021 10:56:40 AM

Proggie CNN twit compares "Let's go, Brandon" to praising ISIS:

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Kosh's Shadow 10/31/2021 2:46:50 PM

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CNN = Counterfeit News Network

JCM 10/31/2021 4:13:22 PM

Oldest turn 18 yesterday.

He wanted to go skydiving so we did.

Absolutely perfect weather!

Bought the video picture package for the oldests. 

Shot of him when we were coming in.  My chute is lower left corner. Our jump plane is very bottom center.