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Posted on 12/29/2021 5.00 AM

JCM 12/25/2021 3:45:03 PM

Posted by: JCM

buzzsawmonkey 12/29/2021 6:09:11 AM
Delta Airlines announced today that they are changing their name to Omicron Air.  A Delta spokesman, in a prepared statement, said, "We feel that that this is a necessary step to take to regain the public trust in the wake of the recent flight delays and cancellations.  Omicron gets around much faster than Delta, and is far less dangerous."
Occasional Reader 12/29/2021 6:15:32 AM

A reminder from, of all people, Nate Silver:

buzzsawmonkey 12/29/2021 7:04:59 AM

Jolly Old Ron Karenga
---A Kwanzaa Carol, to the tune of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"

Jolly old Ron Karenga,
Marxist to the core,
Torturer and murderer,
Academic whore,
Hit upon a plan to make
His ideas hold sway;
And invented the brand new
Kwanzaa holiday

Every night a candle's lit
And in Swahili
Those observing celebrate
Marxist hegemony
To isolate their hearts from
The land where they live
To dwell on past grievances
And to not forgive

One can only hope blacks are
Mostly too abashed
To heed Ron Karenga and
His concocted trash
And rather than follow him
Into endless night
They'll reject Ron Karenga
And his Kwanzaa rites

Kosh's Shadow 12/29/2021 9:20:06 AM

The Alleged Surge in Child COVID Hospitalizations Is Fake News

For some reason, I can get VIP PJMedia access without ever having signed up, but since most, if not all, of you cannot, here are the relevant parts:

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that child COVID hospitalizations are up, and have increased at “twice the rate of adults in the past 4 weeks.”

It sounds scary, doesn’t it? The children! The poor children! You better get your kids vaccinated, or they’ll be next.

Hogwash. While many people will read the headline and the opening paragraphs and think that omicron is coming to kill their children, you have to read well past the headline and the opening paragraph to see the truth:

    “It’s winter, and this is a winter virus, and this omicron is particularly contagious, so I think you were going to see an increase anyway,” said Offit, the director of the Vaccine Education Center at [Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia].

    However, he said, his hospital has seen a lot of kids test positive for Covid without necessarily showing symptoms or getting sick.

    “We test anybody who’s admitted to the hospital for whatever reason to see whether or not they have Covid, and we’re definitely seeing an increase in cases. However, we’re really not seeing an increase in children who are hospitalized for Covid or in the intensive care unit for Covid,” Offit said.

NBC News made it sound as if kids are being hospitalized because of COVID, when, in fact, kids are being admitted to the hospital for other reasons, and are found to be COVID positive, but asymptomatic.

Kosh's Shadow 12/29/2021 11:25:16 AM
In line for COVID booster as required by where I work. Not exactly social distance
Kosh's Shadow 12/29/2021 11:47:41 AM
Now waiting for the Borg devices to deploy. Ohmicron Resistance is futile
Kosh's Shadow 12/29/2021 1:48:29 PM

Had to run an errand on the way back.

Passed TWO houses with TRUMP 2024 signs.

And, in a different town, one that used to have a Bernie Sanders sign has both "We support our local police" and "Black Lives Matter"

lucius septimius 12/29/2021 1:55:14 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 7:

Seen a lot of them in Florida.

JCM 12/29/2021 2:21:22 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 7:

 Do they get sore sitting on that fence?

Kosh's Shadow 12/29/2021 2:25:53 PM

Reply to lucius septimius in 8:

But I'm seeing Trump signs in Massachusetts. I can understand them in Florida where there are real Republicans.

lucius septimius 12/29/2021 2:29:23 PM

Reply to JCM in 9:

If they're democrats they probably enjoy it.

Alice in Dairyland 12/29/2021 2:42:15 PM

In #10 Kosh's Shadow said: But I'm seeing Trump signs in Massachusetts.

Lots of Trump 2024 signs in Wisconsin.  A lot of folks have their original signs up yet with the Pence part blacked out; but as soon as the 2024 ones became available, they went up.  Of course I see a lot of F*ck Biden signs too.  God, I love Wisconsin.  Still don't know how Trump lost here.  Lots of fraud I guess.

buzzsawmonkey 12/29/2021 2:49:27 PM

In #12 Alice in Dairyland said: Lots of Trump 2024 signs in Wisconsin. 

Had Donald Trump actually been the person many people who voted for him in 2016 thought he was, he would not have lost in 2020, and the federal government would look very different today from what it actually is.

Why people now believe that he is the King Arthur who is going to return from the dead to save us is a mystery.

JCM 12/29/2021 2:51:13 PM
Ghislaine Maxwell convicted of sex trafficking victims for Jeffrey Epstein
buzzsawmonkey 12/29/2021 3:16:11 PM

Reply to JCM in 14:

Will the federal government now speedily complete installation of the sex-trafficking lights at the border?

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Alice in Dairyland 12/29/2021 3:22:33 PM

In #13 buzzsawmonkey said: Had Donald Trump actually been the person many people who voted for him in 2016 thought he was

He far exceeded my expectations of him.  I thought he was running on a lark.  It seems he took the job quite seriously and tried to do what he thought was best for this country.  I never was a fan of his before he ran, but I figured what the hell.  I've always respected people that have been successful in business.  You don't get that rich being stupid.  I thought a smart businessman would be way better than any other professional politician and he was.

JCM 12/29/2021 3:32:52 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 15:

One light, solid green?

buzzsawmonkey 12/29/2021 3:36:11 PM

Reply to Alice in Dairyland in 17:

I do not entirely disagree with you---indeed, Trump surprised me favorably in many ways.  However, if he'd had any idea what he was getting into/running to acqure, he would have slashed many federal agencies to the bone (or abolished them) about two and a half minutes after he was sworn in---and would have re-purposed the budget of the EPA towards building the wall, while publicizing the environmental destruction wrought by the illegal border-jumpers.

Trump had many good instincts, but he had absolutely no clue as to how to implement them, and was completely bamboozled by what he called the Deep State.  I applaud him for being better---far better---than expected, and think that now he should have the grace and intelligence to shut the hell up about a future run, and turn his efforts towards grooming a younger and more-savvy man.

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JCM 12/29/2021 3:46:10 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 19:

Remember too, that agencies had actual trainings on how to slow walk Trump policies.

Alice in Dairyland 12/29/2021 4:08:22 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 19:

I think his biggest problem was he trusted those who worked for him.  In successful business your employees are loyal to you and your company mission.  He had so many people undermining him and his goals.  As JCM said, they were actually trained in sabotage.  He was truly unprepared for the treachery that awaited him.  I'm sure he could have handled them if he had known/believed they were in reality his enemies.  Like I said, he wasn't stupid.

JCM 12/29/2021 4:20:16 PM

Reply to Alice in Dairyland in 22:

Loyalty and trust both ways.
I good boss gets the right people in the right places, and lets them do their thing.

buzzsawmonkey 12/29/2021 4:39:58 PM

In #22 Alice in Dairyland said: I think his biggest problem was he trusted those who worked for him. 

Agreed.  And he was a naive idiot to do so.

Kosh's Shadow 12/29/2021 4:46:09 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 24:

I think some of the people Trump trusted were turned by the swamp. We can see what was done to Trump workers - charged and forced to plead guilty on (ahem) trumped=up charges or otherwise had their lives ruined.

Alice in Dairyland 12/29/2021 4:51:12 PM

In #25 Kosh's Shadow said: forced to plead guilty on (ahem) trumped=up charges or otherwise had their lives ruined.

I think that should read AND had their lives ruined.

Alice in Dairyland 12/29/2021 4:58:09 PM

It's an old joke but in the spirit of Christmas...I still think it's funny

So aliens from Mars comes down to Earth...

...And they're friendly! The leaders of the world and the aliens plan a huge, televised event where the leaders can ask questions on whatever they want.

During this event, the pope is up to talk to the aliens.

"I know this question may sound odd to you gentlemen," the pope starts to ask, "but I was wondering if you and your kind knew about Jesus Christ?"

"Jesus Christ?!?" the alien leader exclaims, "how do we not! He swings by our planet every two years or so. Awesome guy!"

Now this obviously starts a huge debate within the UN, as this information now has implications to everything they knew. The pope, however, is not exactly a happy person as his brain is on other information.

"EVERY TWO YEARS OR SO?!?" The pope exclaims, "We've still been waiting for his SECOND coming!"

Trying to calm down the pope, the aliens say, "Well maybe he didn't like your chocolate."

The pope, upon hearing this news, takes a few moments to calm down. When he finally regains his composure, he states calmly, "Forgive me, but what does chocolate have anything to do with this?"

The aliens respond, "Well when he was on our planet, we would give him huge boxes of chocolates. Why, what did you guys do when he was here?"

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