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Welcome to 2022!

Posted on 01/01/2022 5.00 AM

JCM 12/25/2021 3:48:40 PM

Posted by: JCM

Occasional Reader 1/1/2022 6:26:49 AM

Important culinary tip for this new year:


lucius septimius 1/1/2022 9:12:13 AM

In #1 Occasional Reader said: IT’S PEOPLE

Not very tasty people, I'd add.

Kosh's Shadow 1/1/2022 9:32:23 AM

In #2 lucius septimius said: Not very tasty people, I'd add.

Bringing up the ending of the movie of Harlan Ellison's "A Boy and His Dog" would be in rather bad taste here.

Occasional Reader 1/1/2022 9:32:30 AM

Yesterday, out of the blue, Little OR asked me, “Daddy, what is ‘Cthulhu’?”

that’s my boy.

Kosh's Shadow 1/1/2022 10:02:32 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 4:

But Nyarlathotep is far more evil. And as the messenger of the drooling, idiot, ancient gods, well, you can make your own connections to today's politics.

Kosh's Shadow 1/1/2022 10:52:13 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 4:

He could do worse than reading Lovecraft. My daughter never got into his work.

Occasional Reader 1/1/2022 11:33:43 AM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 6:

I think it’s a bit much for a 6 year-old.

(He apparently had seen a reference to Cthulhu in some Minecraft-related video.)

Kosh's Shadow 1/1/2022 11:52:49 AM

In #7 Occasional Reader said: (He apparently had seen a reference to Cthulhu in some Minecraft-related video.)

You can't build R'lyeh in Minecraft, as Minecraft uses human geometry, not the strange alien geometry of Cthulu and his type.

Kosh's Shadow 1/1/2022 1:48:36 PM

So, if Trump does not run in 2024, what candidate(s) would you like to run?

I show my sexism by supporting Nikki Haley

Kosh's Shadow 1/1/2022 1:50:58 PM

In #1 Occasional Reader said: IT’S PEOPLE

Babylon Bee has a more likely prediction

March 25 - Meat is outlawed, replaced with delicious bugs instead

Kosh's Shadow 1/1/2022 2:04:40 PM

And a couple of weeks ago, after having internet performance problems, Verizon sent me a free new(?) modem/router.

As a modem, speed went from 2.5 MbPS to 3. As a router/access point, internal backups took 4x as long and affected internet speed.

So I spent some time (more than I thought) configuring my "old" modem/router as an access point/router, leaving the Verizon one still being both a modem and access point/router. 

Pain in the behind, and it won't be until later when I run backups that I will see if it helped. One hard part was being able to access both devices to manage them, as it changes the IP address of the "old" one.

Then I wondered if something was broken because Cyberlink Application Manager could not download the PowerDirector product, which I use largely to transcode videos my wife gets in discovery into a format she can play. Turns out the error message was an error - it was still downloading in the background. Despite that, and problems I had renewing the subscription (which ended up giving me a new subscriber discount, so it was good) their video editing product is quite powerful and I highly recommend it for those who need to edit videos. You can buy it or get a $52/year discounted subscription (reg. 69)

JCM 1/1/2022 2:19:42 PM

\Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 9:

Scott Walker.

Tim Scott

Ron Desantis

Occasional Reader 1/1/2022 2:22:29 PM

Reply to JCM in 12:

Yes to these, especially DeSantis.

I do not trust Nikki.  She seems a squish.

Kosh's Shadow 1/1/2022 2:24:31 PM

In #12 JCM said: Ron Desantis

You are now unmasked/

BTW, last night I dreamed I was at work someplace different than where I work and there was a social event (no masks!),

A Black employee had brought his whole family, including kids, wearing "Let's Go Brandon" gear.

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