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Posted on 02/19/2022 5.00 AM

JCM 2/13/2022 4:58:11 PM

Posted by: JCM

Occasional Reader 2/19/2022 11:55:04 AM

It’s quiet.  TOO… oh, you know.

So, for any fellow knife aficionados, this site seems to merit its name (and apparently has a good reputation, they are selling the real deal, not Chinese clones);

I’d have saved thirty bucks purchasing my recently-acquired Hogue Deka here, instead of from Hogue.  Ah, well.

Occasional Reader 2/19/2022 12:06:32 PM

Justin Trudeau; fascist lunatic.

lucius septimius 2/19/2022 12:16:17 PM
Did my shopping, two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen.  Now I need to finish cleaning the deep fryer. Grilling burgers tonight.  
Kosh's Shadow 2/19/2022 4:04:29 PM

Still working on the MIT Open Learning Library course 6.036, introduction to Machine Learning, a 13 week course I started back on Labor Day weekend. Currently on week 6. Just not up to multidimensional vector and matrix calculus most evenings. 

In one lecture, the professor says "We'll stick with the cartoon version [of calculus]"

I can just see Wiley E. Coyote trying to use that to capture Road Runner.

Kosh's Shadow 2/19/2022 4:21:38 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 4:

So a neural network calculates an output using a forward pass, and then the error is propagated backwards

The network tried for a forward pass, with the error on the sidelines passing back.

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