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Posted on 08/06/2022 5.00 AM

JCM 7/30/2022 5:35:32 PM

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Kosh's Shadow 8/6/2022 9:07:15 AM
Monkeypox Symbol Added To Pride Flag
Kosh's Shadow 8/6/2022 10:11:18 AM

In #1 Kosh's Shadow said: Monkeypox Symbol Added To Pride Flag

Instead of preventing Monkeypox by getting vaccinated and abstaining from gay sex with strangers for a few weeks, the community is embracing the virus as a symbol of equity and bodily autonomy," says Jason Hillons, a local gay man. "Everyone's going to catch it. We're not going to let the world tell us who we can and can't sleep with!"

"Monkeypox is a rite of passage," says Trey Norms. "If you haven't gotten it yet, are you even gay?"

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