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Posted on 11/02/2022 5.00 AM

JCM 10/30/2022 3:22:55 PM

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vxbush 11/2/2022 6:06:08 AM
Washington, D.C., City Council Is Revising Its Entire Criminal Code — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
vxbush 11/2/2022 6:13:30 AM
It's the little details that make this sound even fishier. Of course, having the FBI involved makes it even more likely that we aren't getting the whole story.
Occasional Reader 11/2/2022 7:02:26 AM

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Oh, GOODY.  Because the one thing this city was missing to make it fun and exciting was LOTS OF CRIME. 

Occasional Reader 11/2/2022 7:03:48 AM

Did you hear that Netscape and Yahoo are going to merge, and relocate their headquarters to Israel?

The new company will be called Net-and-Yahoo.

/yes, Bibi has been at the forefront of Israeli politics for so long, that this joke actually make sense the first time 'round

Occasional Reader 11/2/2022 7:39:31 AM

In #4 Occasional Reader said: his joke actually make made sense

Occasional Reader 11/2/2022 8:05:01 AM

Via Insty:  American Rescue Plan funded writing fellowship for ‘non-binary’ 13-year-olds, Muslim jazz series in NYC.

Classics of Muslim Jazz:

-Take Five (Fingers Off The Hand Of The Accused Thief)
-Bomb the A Train
-Allah Supreme
-Goodbye Pork
-West Bank Blues

buzzsawmonkey 11/2/2022 8:12:44 AM

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Occasional Reader 11/2/2022 9:25:10 AM

Pathological liar Joe Biden claims - as he did i 2019. - that he attended an HBCU:

This pattern is just incredible.

Joe “Say Anything” Biden.

JCM 11/2/2022 9:57:21 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 8:

President Walter Mitty is everything to everyone!

buzzsawmonkey 11/2/2022 10:42:47 AM

In #9 JCM said: President Walter Mitty

Meanwhile, he has a lot of trouble keeping his mitties off the girlies.

buzzsawmonkey 11/2/2022 11:27:44 AM

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Sorry---I should have said that he has his hands full keeping his mitties off the girlies.

Kosh's Shadow 11/2/2022 4:06:45 PM

So is everyone ready for Biden declaring a state of emergency banning Republicans from voting, to save Democracy (=Democrat party)?

Link (not watching)

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