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Posted on 01/02/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 1/1/2023 3:27:59 PM

Posted by: JCM

lucius septimius 1/2/2023 6:27:27 AM

Slightly belated happy new year. 

Occasional Reader 1/2/2023 6:57:10 AM

Good morning.  Well, this isn’t comforting.

Occasional Reader 1/2/2023 7:02:07 AM

I can’t quite make out what happened.

JCM 1/2/2023 9:07:58 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 2:

The march to a Police State continues.... the masses will beg for it.... DEMOCRACY!

JCM 1/2/2023 9:11:50 AM

Law of unintended but predictable consequences.

'We need help': Seattle church says growing homeless camp is scaring off parishioners

Kosh's Shadow 1/2/2023 9:27:13 AM

Renner's spokesperson said the actor was injured while plowing snow in Reno, Nevada

In #3 Occasional Reader said: I can’t quite make out what happened.

The subtitle to the Fox article says a bit more

Renner's spokesperson said the actor was injured while plowing snow in Reno, Nevada

JCM 1/2/2023 10:45:41 AM
Sounds like he tangled with his snow blower....
Kosh's Shadow 1/2/2023 12:35:14 PM

In #7 JCM said: Sounds like he tangled with his snow blower....

I note snowbloers now come with rods to use to clean out the chute instead of using your hands, but it is still necessary to stop the motor, not just release the auger clutch. 

Occasional Reader 1/2/2023 1:37:52 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 6:

looks like he is in the hurt locker.

Occasional Reader 1/2/2023 1:38:38 PM
Wishing him a speedy recovery. I think he’s a good actor, and his performance in the movie “the hurt locker” reminded me of “reaganite”.
Kosh's Shadow 1/2/2023 1:40:07 PM

The Pool of Siloam will be opened to the public soon

JERUSALEM — The Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel National Parks Authority and the City of David Foundation announced days before the new year that the Pool of Siloam, a biblical site cherished by Christians and Jews, will be open to the public for the first time in 2,000 years in the near future.

The pool was first built roughly 2,700 years ago as part of Jerusalem's water system in the eighth century B.C. The construction unfolded during the reign of King Hezekia  as cited in the Bible in the Book of Kings II, 20:20, according to the two Israeli agencies and the City of David Foundation. 

"The Pool of Siloam’s excavation is highly significant to Christians around the world," American Pastor John Hagee, the founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel, told Fox News Digital. "It was at this site that Jesus healed the blind man (John:9), and it is at this site that, 2,000 years ago, Jewish pilgrims cleansed themselves prior to entering the Second Temple. 

Kosh's Shadow 1/2/2023 1:41:25 PM

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Kosh's Shadow 1/2/2023 4:34:31 PM

Scotland police blasted for report describing pedophiles as 'minor-attracted people': 'Baloney'

Well, what do you expect from men who wear skirts>/////

Jukebox about a "minor-attracted person"

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@PBJ3 1/2/2023 6:28:46 PM

I don't usually watch professional football but it came on after the Rose Bowl game so I started watching the Bills against the Bengals during the first quarter.  A Bill's player on 24 years old collapsed on the field and it doesn't seem to be any usual type of football injury.  He was put on a back board and a stretcher and given CPR on the field.  He was given oxygen when put in the ambulance.  Players from both teams were kneeling, crying etc.  I sure hope he lives.  They don't know if they are going to play the rest of the game or not.  This is ongoing and please excuse any spelling problems.

Damar Hamlin is this 24 year old player.

Kosh's Shadow 1/2/2023 6:34:04 PM

Reply to @PBJ3 in 15:

There was an article on PJM about the large number of injuries in pro football players, and they attributed it to the COVID vaccine.

Chinese bioweapon. Paid for by the US. Fauci should be tried for mass murder and treason. But the ChiComs won't let us.

@PBJ3 1/2/2023 6:39:50 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 16:

My sister just called long distance so I'll be on the phone a bit.

Kosh's Shadow 1/2/2023 6:48:59 PM

Reply to @PBJ3 in 17:

Sometimes I feel like a smart person in Harrison Bergeron - every time I get into something, I get interrupted.

I had thought of that much earlier today, but the call reminded me to say it now. Not your fault; this is so late here I can't do much more than enjoy videos anyway

@PBJ3 1/2/2023 7:07:32 PM
Testing 123....
@PBJ3 1/2/2023 7:09:13 PM

Reply to @PBJ3 in 19:

I keep getting some kind of error, example//////

@PBJ3 1/2/2023 7:12:00 PM

Reply to @PBJ3 in 20:

Okay now.  My sis was just calling to tell me about this young player.  The game is suspended.  Pray for this young guy.  He was on CPR for quite a while.   

Kosh's Shadow 1/2/2023 7:13:23 PM

Reply to @PBJ3 in 20:

THe server upgrade seems to log people out randomly.

@PBJ3 1/2/2023 7:18:49 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 22:

I was logged out and wondered about that.

vxbush 1/3/2023 6:09:42 AM

In #11 Kosh's Shadow said: The Pool of Siloam will be opened to the public soon

Oh, that will be cool. 

Morning, campers. I was really ready to come back to work......until I got here and I realized I left my computer at home. Oops. 

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