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Posted on 01/23/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 1/21/2023 3:29:33 PM

Posted by: JCM

Occasional Reader 1/23/2023 6:41:22 AM
French fries for breakfast?  That's just wrong... 
JCM 1/23/2023 7:52:47 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 1:

Pomme frites..... then they are okay.

JCM 1/23/2023 8:01:11 AM
Our ride has arrived at the Cape.
vxbush 1/23/2023 8:30:38 AM

In #2 JCM said: Pomme frites..... then they are okay.

Nope. Just nope. I'm with OR on this one. 

Occasional Reader 1/23/2023 8:34:51 AM
USA Today decides to go with the "Anti-Asian Hate" angle on the Monterey Park massacre, despite the killer being, well, you know. 
Occasional Reader 1/23/2023 8:56:05 AM
It’s a little weird that the album cover image associated with Warren Zevon’s “A Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School” features a weapon very similar to that used at the Monterey Park dancing school.

JCM 1/23/2023 10:39:28 AM

Reply to vxbush in 4:

Gee tough crowd today!

buzzsawmonkey 1/23/2023 12:34:52 PM

So, I was informed by a poster at Instapundit---whose post appears to now be deleted or something---that a comment of mine which I have posted here, at Insty, and on WZ was picked up by a columnist for the National Post of Canada.  His quotation, of my first and third paragraphs, is here.

My full original comment, which will surely be familiar to you, is as follows:

All the people who want to "regulate the planetary climate" and demand the power and unlimited resources to do so are people who have proven themselves incapable of competently managing and running recently-built, closed, man-made systems. They cannot competently run power grids, or municipal water systems or trash pickup; they cannot competently maintain, let alone repair, the "roads and bridges" they are always prating about; they cannot competently run or maintain the public housing they increasingly want people to live in, or the public transportation systems that they want people to rely on.

More than that; they cannot competently direct disaster recovery/relief from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes---let alone control or prevent such disasters.

Yet they want people to believe that they can, and should, be permitted to try and regulate the planetary climate, which is infinitely more subtle and varied and complex than any of the recently-built, closed, man-made systems they have already repeatedly proven incapable of managing.

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