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Posted on 04/13/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 4/9/2023 4:48:26 PM

Posted by: JCM

vxbush 4/13/2023 5:46:43 AM
Watch Elon Musk pull a Margaret Thatcher on a journalist. Lovely. 
vxbush 4/13/2023 5:48:46 AM

American Library Association Mobilizes to Intimidate Parents Into Silence

They think porn is good and noble, especially rape porn. In public schools. For kids under the age of 11. 

vxbush 4/13/2023 5:54:22 AM

Today’s Trans Madness Isn’t New. It’s Rooted in an Ancient Belief That’s Combated in the New Testament.

This is a good article that talks about the gnosticism in the trans movement. 

vxbush 4/13/2023 5:58:52 AM
The fascism of today's pharmaceuticals. If the taxpayers pay for it, then the price should be the absolute minimum necessary to cover the costs of the materials. But you know that won't happen. 
vxbush 4/13/2023 6:02:33 AM
Don't go to any beaches in the UK right now
vxbush 4/13/2023 6:03:13 AM

Who is this person, besides corpulent? Lizzo proves that you can be healthy and beautiful at any weight by posting nude selfie

Yes, I saw the episode of the Mandolorian with her in it, and that didn't answer my question. 

vxbush 4/13/2023 6:04:51 AM

Not Funny: Babylon Bee Sues California AG Bonta Over Extreme Media Censorship Law

May the Babylon Bee be incredibly successful.

vxbush 4/13/2023 6:05:21 AM
The stupid, it burns: California works toward releasing convicts from death row after 20 years
JCM 4/13/2023 7:22:56 AM

Reply to vxbush in 8:

Remember when they abolished the death penalty they promised that life meant life?

vxbush 4/13/2023 8:13:23 AM

In #9 JCM said: Remember when they abolished the death penalty they promised that life meant life?

Yes. Clearly the idea of rules and laws do not exist for Dems, as everything has an expiration date. 

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