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Posted on 04/23/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 4/22/2023 7:51:34 PM

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JCM 4/23/2023 8:23:42 AM

New executive takes helm at Bud Light following trans ad backlash

NEW YORK (AP) — The marketing executive who oversaw a partnership between Bud Light and a transgender influencer is taking a leave of absence after it snowballed into cries for boycotts from some angry customers, according to media reports.

SOME angry customers?

JCM 4/23/2023 8:57:33 AM

Seattle police officer shot at while refueling patrol car

SEATTLE — A Seattle police officer was shot at on Friday night while he was refueling his patrol car.

Just before 9 p.m., the officer was pumping gas in the 700 block of S Charles Street when he heard a gunshot hit a sign above his head, according to officials.

The City Clowncil calling cops murders has no impact, nope none at all.

Kosh's Shadow 4/23/2023 2:30:04 PM

Study Shows Mothers of Boys With Gender Issues Are Mental

The abstract of a scientific study undertaken in 1994 has been making the rounds on social media, and it is shocking on two levels. The first wave of shock (although not surprise) comes at you from what the study discovered: the mothers of gender dysphoric boys tend to suffer from a host of mental illnesses of their own.

Fifty-three percent of the mothers of boys with GID compared with only 6% of controls met the diagnosis for Borderline Personality Disorder on the Diagnostic Interview for Borderlines or had symptoms of depression on the Beck Depression Inventory. Results of the Summers and Walsh Symbiosis Scale suggested that mothers of probands had child-rearing attitudes and practices that encouraged symbiosis and discouraged the development of autonomy.

JCM 4/23/2023 4:34:36 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 3:

I wonder how many of them are single mothers?

Kosh's Shadow 4/23/2023 4:36:07 PM

In #4 JCM said: I wonder how many of them are single mothers?

Good question. The author of the article thinks most of them, as most men won't stick around with a crazy wife.

Kosh's Shadow 4/23/2023 4:38:38 PM

Theater of the Absurd: Russia Running UN Security Council to Justify Ukraine War

An organization truly devoted to peace would suspend or at least penalize a country that invades another member state.

Kosh's Shadow 4/23/2023 5:20:26 PM

I admit a bit of racism, but in a good way-

Last weekend, I had to replace my cell phone. You could practically watch the battery discharging.

The agent at the Verizon store was Black. Quite good; I got what I wanted quickly and got a good deal by trading in my old phone. (Yes, it got factory reset)

So I decided I really should fill out the survey and give him a good grade because others might not.

Kosh's Shadow 4/23/2023 5:26:46 PM

The Bee is too close to reality on this one:

AOC: 'The Government Must Shut Down Unapproved News Agencies To Defeat Fascism'

I'd quote from the article but it is ALL worth reading

Kosh's Shadow 4/23/2023 5:45:21 PM
Sudan: Afghanistan II - the Sequel

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