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Posted on 05/02/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 4/29/2023 6:14:27 PM

Posted by: JCM

vxbush 5/2/2023 6:10:09 AM

Impossible: The High School Class So Popular Kids Sit In on It so They Can LEARN Stuff

Did your high school teach this stuff when you went there? Mine did, although I didn't have time to take it with all the college prep classes I had. 

vxbush 5/2/2023 6:13:29 AM
Oh, my. BFFs: Celebrated Leftist Hero Noam Chomsky and Child Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein
vxbush 5/2/2023 6:17:39 AM
Is it just me, or does every benefit go toward JP Morgan? We should have realized this back in 2008-9....Massive Bank Failures Just Keep Piling Up
vxbush 5/2/2023 6:19:20 AM
The ninth circle of hell is too good for them. Pfizer Knew of COVID-19 Vax Risks to Breastfeeding Babies in April 2021
vxbush 5/2/2023 6:20:39 AM
Leaf blowers? Really? Forget the War on Stoves. Here’s What the Left’s Coming for Now.
vxbush 5/2/2023 6:25:12 AM

I would love to believe this, but I doubt it is going to be this straightforward. 

In the biggest news to come out of the Supreme Court of the United States since Roe v. Wade was overturned, the Court has granted a review of Loper Bright Enterprises vs. Raimondo. In its deliberations, the court will deal with the question of whether to overrule the infamous Chevron Doctrine, a ’70s-era precedent that granted broad powers to the bureaucratic state to interpret vague, often narrow statutes with near zero accountability.

buzzsawmonkey 5/2/2023 6:46:56 AM

Reply to vxbush in 3:

Wars and panics on the stock exchange,

machine gunfire and arson,

bankruptcies, warloans,

starvation, lice, cholera and typhus:

good growing weather for the House of Morgan.

---John Dos Passos, "Nineteen Nineteen"

vxbush 5/2/2023 6:51:45 AM

Reply to vxbush in 6:

From the linked article at RedState: 

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is already recused from the case, meaning that the conservatives don’t have to deal with one of the most liberal justices in oral arguments and deliberations. On that front, most of the conservatives on the court have already signaled a willingness to curb the power of the bureaucratic state by rolling back the Chevron Doctrine.

So while 2024 presidential candidates all make mostly unenforceable promises to roll back administrative overreach, this coming SCOTUS decision is, by far, the most probable way that actually gets done.

vxbush 5/2/2023 6:53:32 AM
I don't think I can trust either side not to lie on this one: Lightfoot: Weingarten’s lying — AFT never worked with us to reopen schools
JCM 5/2/2023 7:27:53 AM

Reply to vxbush in 9:

Both loved the shutdowns. But now even Fauci is saying "I never said shutdown!" They are throwing each other under the bus as fast as they can.

vxbush 5/2/2023 7:44:47 AM

In #10 JCM said: Both loved the shutdowns. But now even Fauci is saying "I never said shutdown!" They are throwing each other under the bus as fast as they can.

Yes. The idea that there is a video and paper trail of exactly what they said when seems completely foreign to them. Silly humans. 

JCM 5/2/2023 7:45:24 AM

Missed this one last month.... we made jokes about it....

Kitchen knives could be seized from homes of suspected criminals under new Home Office plans being considered

If you have knives, you are suspected.......

Occasional Reader 5/2/2023 7:59:46 AM

Reply to JCM in 12:

What about cricket bats? 

Occasional Reader 5/2/2023 8:06:52 AM

Reply to JCM in 12:

Recall that years ago (so long ago that I think I originally read this at LGF), the British Medical Association seriously floated a proposal to ban the private ownership of pointy knives.  Only specially-licensed businesses would be allowed to have them.  

JCM 5/2/2023 8:06:56 AM

Remember how we all thought, knew they were rolling flu cases into COVID counts?

Page 4 of this report, it is Australian. (pdf)

Screen shot. Start digging around you can find more reports like this.