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Posted on 06/04/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 6/3/2023 4:58:44 PM

Posted by: JCM

Kosh's Shadow 6/4/2023 10:07:17 AM

Boeing Starliner delayed indefinitely due to parachute and wiriing issues.

One is that the parachute lines are not strong enough should one parachute fails. Not too hard to fix with new lines.

The other, though, is that wiring bundles are wrapped with flammable tape.

The second safety issue Boeing found pertains to the protective tape covering the wiring harnesses throughout the Starliner capsule. That tape, Nappi said, is flammable and there are "hundreds" of feet of it inside Starliner.

"It's highly unlikely that we would go in and cut this tape off," Nappi said, adding that doing so would likely cause more potential damage. "So we're looking at solutions that would provide for essentially another type of wrapping over the existing tape in the most vulnerable areas that reduces the risk of fire hazard."

NASA should say that bird will NOT fly. They apparently forgot about the Apollo 1 fire.

JCM 6/4/2023 10:27:48 AM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 1:

How in the hell do you forget the no flammable materials design rule?

Kosh's Shadow 6/4/2023 2:12:48 PM

In #2 JCM said: How in the hell do you forget the no flammable materials design rule?

Especially for wiring that might just overheat if there is a short.

Occasional Reader 6/4/2023 5:12:40 PM

Just back in DC from NY, and seems I missed the excitement:

Kosh's Shadow 6/4/2023 5:25:27 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 4:

Maybe there will be a boom tomorrow....

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