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Posted on 06/08/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 6/3/2023 5:12:07 PM

Posted by: JCM

Kosh's Shadow 6/7/2023 6:27:43 PM

From yesterday:

In #1 vxbush said: Why? Terrorist-Supporting Iran Made UN Assembly VP

No US administration has admitted Iran has been at war with the US since 1979. But that is the case.

By making Iran the General Assembly VP, the UN has declared war on the US.

Were I president, I would tell the UN that both Iran and the UN are now at war with the UN. We will respect diplomatic niceties and tell the UN diplomats and the Iranian mission to the UN to get the fuck out of the US in 24 hours. The UN has thrown the US out, and will receive no money from the US ever again.

The UN building will  be made into a museum of the UN's failures, should it be large enough for them all. Or a rotating exhibition of whatever fits.

After 24 hours, the US will take over the Iranian mission to the UN (should have taken over the Iranian embassy in 1979) and the other UN diplomats will lose diplomatic immunity and their baggage may be searched. OK, might be hard enough to get all the air traffic out.

Do I have support for my run for President of the US?//// (The deep state would deep six me fairly quickly, I fear)

Kosh's Shadow 6/7/2023 6:48:35 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 1:

I forgot to say that since Iran calls for Death to America, then the UN GA has endorsed that position. The US will consider itself to have been thrown out of the UN as of the vote, and any future dues paid will have to be repaid. UN properties in the US will be taken as war reparations.

vxbush 6/8/2023 5:46:14 AM
Before I address Kosh's posts, I wanted to share the article Instapundit wrote about all the government leaks/reports about aliens. He raises some good points but there's more there to discuss. 

Now, about Kosh's suggestion: I like it, a lot. Do I think they want to get rid of the US? That seems a reasonable conclusion, and if the UN is supposed to be the agreed interests of all member countries, far too many are quite happy at the prospect of the US disappearing. In which case, all the people who are siding with the UN in this country are trying to make sure they are protected when it happens or are out of the country when it does.

Why should we support an institution that is interested in getting rid of us? Shades of having to house British soldiers all over again.
buzzsawmonkey 6/8/2023 6:14:31 AM

Meanwhile, NPR is creaming over the combination of Public Health Risk (wear your mask!) and Climate Change provided by the smoke from the Canadian wildfires.

Remember---the people who cannot prevent, or control, wildfires think they should be given carte blanche to "control the planetary climate."

JCM 6/8/2023 7:14:36 AM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 4:

The people who don't understand wildfires are part of nature, don't understand climate is natural.

JCM 6/8/2023 7:21:34 AM

I'm swooning! Having vapors! Sanity out of Portlandia?

Portland bans daytime camping, imposes other restrictions

buzzsawmonkey 6/8/2023 7:44:29 AM

Reply to JCM in 6:

The campout "homeless" sing this song;

"Drug use! Drug use!

We can get high all day long!

More drug use today!

We'll stick round, all right

Here is where we'll stay!

While "social workers" are in charge

We won't go away."

buzzsawmonkey 6/8/2023 7:54:44 AM

Apparently Schumer and Jeffries have secured over $100 million from FEMA to deal with the influx of "migrants' (illegal aliens) to New York.

Well, of course they did.  The whole thrust of the profligate Biden administration is to admit as many illegals as possible, and get 'em settled in/embedded in their unwilling host country.

vxbush 6/8/2023 7:57:48 AM

In #4 buzzsawmonkey said: Remember---the people who cannot prevent, or control, wildfires think they should be given carte blanche to "control the planetary climate."

Much like people who travel all over the world (using tons of jet fuel) believe we need to limit fossil fuels.

vxbush 6/8/2023 8:00:28 AM

In #6 JCM said: Portland bans daytime camping, imposes other restrictions

Sanity? Ah, but they have still been operating under the "rules for me, but not thee" statute:

Portland has already prohibited camping on city property at all hours. 

I halfway expect some homeless advocate to request a restraining order on the law while they work it through the courts. 

buzzsawmonkey 6/8/2023 8:02:37 AM

Reply to vxbush in 9:

Only facile fools fight fossil fuels.

vxbush 6/8/2023 8:03:17 AM

In #11 buzzsawmonkey said: Only facile fools fight fossil fuels.

illustriously alliterative!

buzzsawmonkey 6/8/2023 8:04:28 AM

Reply to vxbush in 12:

Fossil fuels are Nature's batteries, storing the power of the sun for hundreds of millions of years until it is needed.

Occasional Reader 6/8/2023 8:05:46 AM

Theme song for today:

Occasional Reader 6/8/2023 8:22:24 AM

In #10 vxbush said: a restraining order on the law

"Injunction".  Restraining orders are for people. 

buzzsawmonkey 6/8/2023 8:25:14 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 15:

Come ride the legal system that is slowly getting round to injuctions

Petty Injunctions!

Occasional Reader 6/8/2023 8:26:41 AM

Another stunning Blue City/Blue State Governance success story!

buzzsawmonkey 6/8/2023 8:27:29 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 17:

New York struggles with fixing cracked pipes in the water system, but crack pipes in the social service system are A-OK.

JCM 6/8/2023 8:35:16 AM

Reply to vxbush in 10:

In Portland I would expect a cop that tries to enforce no day camping to fire for excessive force.

vxbush 6/8/2023 9:41:36 AM

In #15 Occasional Reader said: "Injunction".  Restraining orders are for people. 

Mea culpa. Sorry about that; brain is split across too many projects right now. 

Occasional Reader 6/8/2023 2:31:19 PM

And in France, this happened.

Note how eager the BBC is to point out the attacker's self-declared religion.  Can you guess why?  Go on, guess. 

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