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Posted on 06/17/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 6/11/2023 4:17:54 PM

Posted by: JCM

Occasional Reader 6/17/2023 10:46:32 AM
Saturday afternoon at the playground with my son. Life is good. I hope you all are well.

Kosh's Shadow 6/17/2023 11:18:10 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 1:

Have fun. We're having thunderstorms here; got the dogs out before the rain started.

[I know, you'll make the reference to the classics]

JCM 6/17/2023 11:37:28 AM

I've obtain surveillance video of OR at the park....

Occasional Reader 6/17/2023 12:38:54 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 2:

nope, totally missing the reference.

Occasional Reader 6/17/2023 12:40:06 PM

Reply to JCM in 3:

Heh.  Fortunately, no such issues. I did notice a large and seemingly purposeless spike sticking out of the ground in one part of the playground, which I could not budge myself. I try to use the DC public works website to report it, since it literally seems like an accident waiting to happen, but, surprise! The “contact us“ function does not work.

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JCM 6/17/2023 2:13:47 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 6:

Link was blowing out the margins.


Incredibly well spoken, Fetterman. 

Occasional Reader 6/17/2023 6:01:06 PM
So, as of yesterday, it’s official; I no longer have any living, aunts or uncles. 

Four of them have passed within the last year.

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