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Posted on 06/29/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 6/24/2023 6:04:23 PM

Posted by: JCM

vxbush 6/29/2023 7:24:53 AM

In yesterday's #27 buzzsawmonkey said: I do not believe that this is due to "wildfires"---but if it is, I have to wonder why all of a sudden Canada has a spate of "wildfires" unless arson is involved, and why the Canadian government is not going all-out, as it appears they are not, to quash them.  And I will remind you of the following: All the people who want to "regulate the planetary climate" and demand the power and unlimited resources to do so are people who have proven themselves incapable of competently managing and running recently-built, closed, man-made systems. They cannot competently run power grids, or municipal water systems or trash pickup; they cannot competently maintain, let alone repair, the "roads and bridges" they are always prating about; they cannot competently run or maintain the public housing they increasingly want people to live in, or the public transportation systems that they want people to rely on. More than that; they cannot competently direct disaster recovery/relief from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes---let alone control or prevent such disasters. Yet they want people to believe that they can, and should, be permitted to try and regulate the planetary climate, which is infinitely more subtle and varied and complex than any of the recently-built, closed, man-made systems they have already repeatedly proven incapable of managing.

Things I have noticed: 

  • They mention Canadian wildfires, and they might mention a province, but they don't mention a specific city or region. Even with large wildfires in the US, they will specify the region where it is located and show you video. I have seen no video from Canada. If they are that big to create this particulate haze, where is the video of the fires? 
  • I did see news articles two weeks ago that I believe JCM shared with us that fires started in the northeast were started by arsonists. 
  • Given the number of fires I could find taking place in the central US of Missouri and surrounding states, part me of wondered if the fire issue is actually starting there and then being pushed into the Midwest. That would be more likely with the prevailing winds that are normal in the midwest in summer, but no one is saying that. Is it because it's politically incorrect (and it is) to point out bad forestry practice in the US? Is it really the case that far-off Canada is causing the haze as opposed to a closer state? 

As always, I have more questions than answers. Anyhoo, morning, campers. 

JCM 6/29/2023 9:18:29 AM
Supreme Court Ends Affirmative-Action In College Admissions
vxbush 6/29/2023 9:30:50 AM

In #2 JCM said: Supreme Court Ends Affirmative-Action In College Admissions

Do we think this will really change the way college works, though? Lamont over at Ace summed up the situation pretty well. 

JCM 6/29/2023 9:42:05 AM

Reply to vxbush in 3:

Leftist gonna do lefty stuff. No doubt.

Colleges will have to get sued under the new ruling, and administrators held personally responsible.

vxbush 6/29/2023 10:10:22 AM
Would this work to limit voting fraud in 2024? Perhaps, but it will still require a lot of people doing this on a county by county level. 
Occasional Reader 6/29/2023 11:31:18 AM

Well.  Last night was, ah, interesting.  Full blown food poisoning from the pub up the street.  But as of 9:30 this morning I’m keeping liquids down; about to cautiously have some crackers.

Re: The SCOTUS college decision; I have long jokes that I oppose racial preferences in college admissions, and I think they should be abolished the day after my son gets into Harvard.  But seriously, this looks like a big step in the right direction.

Occasional Reader 6/29/2023 11:49:37 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 6:

*long jokeD

vxbush 6/29/2023 12:56:17 PM

In #6 Occasional Reader said: Full blown food poisoning from the pub up the street.  

Sorry to hear that. Food poisoning isn't ever fun. 

Occasional Reader 6/29/2023 1:26:55 PM

Reply to vxbush in 8:

The “food” part sounds fun.  But that’s deceptive…

buzzsawmonkey 6/29/2023 1:28:14 PM

In #6 Occasional Reader said:  Full blown food poisoning from the pub up the street.  

Got a dose of that some 40+ years ago from an order of pressed duck in a Chinese restaurant, and again, slightly more recently, from something or other I ate in a Brighton Beach Russian eatery.  

Not something I'd want to re-experience.

vxbush 6/29/2023 2:18:56 PM

In #10 buzzsawmonkey said: Got a dose of that some 40+ years ago from an order of pressed duck in a Chinese restaurant, and again, slightly more recently, from something or other I ate in a Brighton Beach Russian eatery.  

My husband and I got food poisoning from a pizza joint we loved 30 plus years ago. It completely turned him off green peppers, which he has refused to eat since that episode. 

buzzsawmonkey 6/29/2023 2:24:40 PM

Reply to vxbush in 11:

I'm sure that the pressed duck I ordered at the Chinese restaurant was actually oppressed duck, and this was its revenge.

Occasional Reader 6/29/2023 3:01:40 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 10:

As far as I can recall, as this is the first time I’ve ever gotten this in the United States. 

I can recall food poisoning in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Indonesia. Never before in my own country.

I just woke up from yet another nap. (Light) Food and liquids are staying down, but I still feel like crap.

buzzsawmonkey 6/29/2023 3:55:29 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 13:
If you have a bad piece of fish, that is an example of food-poissoning.

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