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Posted on 07/10/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 7/8/2023 5:23:02 PM

Posted by: JCM

Occasional Reader 7/10/2023 5:57:33 AM

What is it with Democrats and bowing to foreign potentates?

vxbush 7/10/2023 5:57:58 AM

Environmental insanity, exhibit #1248. 

Now, we put out a lot of carbon dioxide every year — over 26 billion tons… And somehow, we have to make changes that will bring that down to zero… This equation has four factors, a little bit of multiplication…

So you’ve got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero, and that’s going to be based on the number of people, the services each person is using on average, the energy, on average, for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy. So let’s look at each one of these, and see how we can get this down to zero. Probably, one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.” [cuts to a frame of people, audience laughs uproariously]

—Bill Gates, 2010, emphasis added

The great thing about averages is that it means some get to completely blow the average. 

vxbush 7/10/2023 5:59:41 AM
Biden has no filter anymore, especially not for operational security. 
vxbush 7/10/2023 6:05:39 AM

Agent Who Inspired Box Office Smash ‘Sound of Freedom’ Warns: ‘Trans Voice’ Agenda Is Straight out of the Pedophile Playbook

Worth your time. 

JCM 7/10/2023 7:02:12 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 1:

I would say it is intentional kow-towing.

JCM 7/10/2023 7:08:43 AM

Reply to vxbush in 3:

Hopefully low means the stockpile reserver level of ammunition.

All stable expendables like ammunition there is a reserve level maintain of. Normal usage rotates the stock. Now if we are dipping into the reserves that's a problem. If low means were are using reserves that's a problem.

JCM 7/10/2023 7:15:26 AM

Ban Scooters!

Man Is Charged With Murder in Random Scooter Shooting Spree

Occasional Reader 7/10/2023 8:04:29 AM

Reply to JCM in 7:


And right there, I already knew. 

buzzsawmonkey 7/10/2023 8:47:56 AM

Reply to JCM in 7:

Does a surname like "Abreu" suggest Haitian origins?

Occasional Reader 7/10/2023 8:52:55 AM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 9:

It's a Portuguese name, FWIW. 

vxbush 7/10/2023 10:15:20 AM
How the Democrat causes are managed by Arabella Advisors. Report 1 of 2. Reading it myself now.
Kosh's Shadow 7/10/2023 4:44:38 PM

In #1 Occasional Reader said: What is it with Democrats and bowing to foreign potentates?

Bowing to Biden's master.

Kosh's Shadow 7/10/2023 5:08:43 PM

Today is Arlo Guthrie's birthday. 

I won't link to Alice's Restaurant (or the revisited version), but to a song he made famous but didn't write


Kosh's Shadow 7/10/2023 7:11:00 PM
And Arlo doing an old classic
Kosh's Shadow 7/10/2023 7:18:56 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 14:

Nothing to do with Arlo, but has a classic version of the song

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