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Posted on 08/24/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 8/19/2023 7:02:38 PM

Posted by: JCM

buzzsawmonkey 8/24/2023 7:52:59 AM

Absolutely exhausted.  Went to the wedding of one of the rabbi's daughters in upstate NY.  Thankfully, there was a bus provided for transport; the trip took some 3 hours each way.  Got back home around 1:30 this morning.  

Nice venue, nice food, nice ceremony, nice crowd---but why does the music at these affairs have to both bad and overloud?

JCM 8/24/2023 8:24:54 AM
Maui company says request for water to fight wildfire delayed several hours while state consulted with farmers
JCM 8/24/2023 9:06:50 AM
'The process failed us': Hawaii land firm tears into government after it was left waiting for HOURS to get water to fight firestorm while it consulted with farmers: Agency chief has previously called for 'water equity'
JCM 8/24/2023 9:15:18 AM

WATCH: Seattle police arrest man found drinking gasoline during home invasion

The bad man in me wanted to see what would happen if he got tazed.

buzzsawmonkey 8/24/2023 11:57:40 AM

So there I was, doing errands in the neighborhood a few days ago, and I saw an elderly woman riding an "adult tricycle."  These are popular with some people whose balance doesn't quite permit them to continue riding a bike, but who like the speed and convenience of getting around on a wheeled conveyance.

It occurred to me that Bob Dylan's second album, way back when, was called "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan."  Dylan's still performing, and recording; his next album, as a nod to his current age and his own history, should be called "The Threewheelin' Bob Dylan."

Occasional Reader 8/24/2023 2:41:31 PM


Occasional Reader 8/24/2023 2:42:30 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 1:

but why does the music at these affairs have to both bad and overloud?”

I say that about pretty much everywhere.

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