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Posted on 09/18/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 9/16/2023 6:16:09 PM

Posted by: JCM

JCM 9/18/2023 7:06:18 AM

Travesty of Justice

Trial set to begin Monday for 3 Tacoma officers charged in 2020 death of Manny Ellis

Cops acted appropriately and within the law, procedures, and reasonable judgement from everything I know.

Ellis had a heart condition and was on drugs.

buzzsawmonkey 9/18/2023 7:43:58 AM
Only facile fools fight fossil fuels.  There seem to be a lot of facile fools in NYC.
JCM 9/18/2023 7:45:16 AM

The CBS story leaves out the usual information. AND that they recorded themselves while on their little crime spree.

JCM 9/18/2023 7:47:23 AM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 2:

I will give the fools a hearing. But first they need to provide me with a plan to replace fossil fuels every place their are used, including how to the substitution works, and it has be cost neutral.

buzzsawmonkey 9/18/2023 9:24:53 AM

In #4 JCM said: they need to provide me with a plan to replace fossil fuels every place their are used

Given their opposition to plastic, which is both petroleum-derived and ubiquitous, I don't think they've quite thought it through.

Occasional Reader 9/18/2023 9:56:17 AM
So if I find that F-35 that’s missing in South Carolina, can I keep it?
JCM 9/18/2023 10:03:29 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 6:

My bet is on it being the Cornfield Bomber II.

Thing could have flow a long way......

Occasional Reader 9/18/2023 10:48:27 AM

Reply to JCM in 7:

I’m guessing it’s in the drink, not the corn (or wheat, as was really the case with that F-106, I believe).

JCM 9/18/2023 10:54:53 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 8:

Most likely, even if it's not swimming, the likelihood of it being a smoking hole is much higher.

Cornfield Bomber is famous because of the rarity of that type of event.

JCM 9/18/2023 12:26:14 PM

I go to get the tabs on my wife's car, there's a hold due to unpaid tickets.

Huh sez I we haven't gotten pulled over... the last time I was pulled over for anything was 30 years ago in a small town speed trap. The last time I was pulled over cop walked up and said, sorry you vehicle matched a general description of one we are looking for.

Two camera tickets from 3 years ago in Seattle I found out by going down to DMV.

I go to the Seattle web site and find they've been sent to collections. Several problems, I never was notified of either the violation or being sent to collections... both violations

I call the Court to talk about options. The clerk can only say, pay the ticket, I can't get a court date, tickets are too old, I have to pay the late fees, when I press on being denied options and due process she hangs up.

Scouring the city web site, and multiple calls I finally talk to someone who can actually file a complaint. It's wife's car,  she's gottten a couple oher camera violations, I've paid those. I said if it is valid ticket I'll happily pay that, but not any late fees or collections because the City can't violate the law either.

I guess I'll put that with the cars registration until I can get a resolution.

Occasional Reader 9/18/2023 12:31:22 PM

Reply to JCM in 10:

Dangerous insurrectionist/terrorist/traitors like you (and your wife) are a threat to Our Democracy!!!!

JCM 9/18/2023 1:24:41 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 11:

This is frickin' Seattle, I can shop lift whatever I want.... they waive tickets if you are homeless.

But I can't renew my car tabs....

Say do you know any lawyers? ;-)

Kosh's Shadow 9/18/2023 4:48:33 PM
Jukebox for JCM
Kosh's Shadow 9/18/2023 4:57:35 PM

Reply to JCM in 12:

As screwy as Massachusetts is, last I heard, traffic tickets need to be presented by a uniformed officer. Tolls on the Mass Pike can be sent by mail, but not traffic tickets.

Not that there aren't small towns like the song around here. Rt. 111 in Littleton, just as the road curves and the speed limit drops., for one.

Groton, MA has the limit drop from 35 to 25 right in front of the police station.

Occasional Reader 9/18/2023 8:58:15 PM

F-35 debris found:

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