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Posted on 10/16/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 10/15/2023 5:03:24 PM

Posted by: JCM

vxbush 10/16/2023 6:06:44 AM

I'd like to start today with two questions, if I may. 

1. PJMedia has an article talking about all the falsehoods related to the Palestinians' claims and having a country. It's a decent overview of the situation. But in the middle, they threw in this tidbit, which I don't remember ever hearing: 

And now comes the seed that leads to the current support from the left of “Palestine.” In the early 1960s, the Arab coalition was not only physically losing wars, but was considered bullies of Israel in worldwide media. They were the Goliath that kept losing to David. So they hired the public relations firm of Dudley-Anderson-Yutzy in New York (founded in 1909, no longer in business) to change their image in the world. George Anderson told them they needed a “victim,” a group that would be perceived as smaller and even more abused than the Israelis, and the Palestinian cause was born.

At Anderson’s advice, the Palestinian Liberation Organization was established on May 28, 1964. This is the start date of the “Palestinian cause”: 1964.

Is that true about the advertising agency being the start of this? Again, maybe I've seen this before, but I don't recall it. 

2. In that same article, the author notes:

 In 2007, the people of Gaza elected Hamas as their leadership by over 90%, and they have reelected and kept Hamas in power for these 16 years.

Given the propensity of leftists to steal, lie, and cheat to get what they want, I wonder if these elections have been anything close to fairly run. Does anyone have any information on that? Mahmoud Abbas continues to run things, it seems. 

vxbush 10/16/2023 6:07:47 AM

More proof of depravity....

Recovered Hamas Plans Show the Terrorists Targeting Elementary Schools and a Youth Center

vxbush 10/16/2023 6:15:58 AM

The issues with medicine these days is not just limited to the COVID insanity. Read this article to hear how "specialists" screwed over a child patient who had a serious disease. 

Medicine infuriates me now, especially after dealing with my own issues. 

vxbush 10/16/2023 6:16:34 AM

Someone shared this last week, but repeating

"The border is open. Thousands of military-age males from adversary nations enter the United States without women or children every day. Suppose only one-tenth of one percent of the millions of people who have crossed into America illegally over the past three years have malign intentions against our country. In that case, we have a serious national security problem."

vxbush 10/16/2023 6:21:27 AM

This report makes no sense. The Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the US (a stupid name if ever there was one) claims the US is "unprepared to face the challenge of a nuclear threat posted by Russia and China." 

It's nonsensical not because it isn't plausible, but because we aren't prepared to face ANYTHING

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 6:29:15 AM

Reply to vxbush in 1:

1.  Never heard that story.  I’d have thought Sterling Coope would have been the ad agency involved.

2. AFAIK the author is way off.  Hamas won a plurality (not majority) of legislative seats in the “Palestine”- wide 2006 (not 2007) elections.  Subsequently, there was a de facto war between Fatah and Hamas, with Hamas taking control of Gaza.  Hamas has not held elections since.  See here:

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 6:52:48 AM
It occurs to me, with all the talk of "1967 borders" and the like; Hama as their supporters basically want the people of Israel returned to their 1943 borders - Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Sobibor, etcetera. 
JCM 10/16/2023 6:53:48 AM

Reply to vxbush in 1:

The execrable Rabbit Bait "approved" 3 of the Hamas elections.

So we know they were legit.

It's Bait who said he prefered working with dictators, because they speak for all the people, democracies it was hard to get people to agree.

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 6:56:55 AM

In #7 Occasional Reader said: Hama as

*Hamas and

vxbush 10/16/2023 7:02:47 AM

In #6 Occasional Reader said: 1.  Never heard that story.  I’d have thought Sterling Coope would have been the ad agency involved.

Why do you think Sterling Coope would have been involved? 

vxbush 10/16/2023 7:03:26 AM

In #6 Occasional Reader said: See here:

Wait--this is Wikipedia. How trustworthy can this be? 

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 8:03:42 AM

In #10 vxbush said: Why do you think Sterling Coope would have been involved? 

Because it's a fictional ad agency from a TV show.  

/it was a joke

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 8:04:45 AM

In #11 vxbush said: Wait--this is Wikipedia. How trustworthy can this be? 

Each of the substantive factual claims is footnoted.  Follow the links. 

buzzsawmonkey 10/16/2023 8:11:30 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 7:

Regarding "the 1967 borders," let us not forget that the Six-Day War in 1967 was started by the Arabs precisely to destroy the existing---i.e., 1967---borders, by wiping Israel off the map entirely.  So anyone who speaks about "return to the 1967 borders" being a way of solving the Arab-Israeli conflict is either woefully stupid or intentionally lying (or both).

BTW, nobody for some reason ever discusses the illegal Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem and the West Bank between the War of Independence and 1967.  My 1923 atlas discusses the "Palestine Mandate," and states quite clearly that everything "from the River to the Sea," as the pro-genocide "Palestinians" like to say, was "open to Jewish settlement" under the Mandate, while everything on the other side of the Jordan---i.e., what was originally "Transjordan" and then became just plain "Jordan" [transphobia!]---was closed to Jewish settlement by the British.  Mind you, being "open to Jewish settlement" in no way prevented Arab murder and depredation in what later became Israel. 

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 8:16:44 AM

In #14 buzzsawmonkey said: So anyone who speaks about "return to the 1967 borders"

I've seen them referred to as the "Auschwitz borders", I don't recall who came up with the term.   

vxbush 10/16/2023 10:29:45 AM

In #12 Occasional Reader said: Because it's a fictional ad agency from a TV show.   /it was a joke

I'm not up on all the TV shows these days. Nowhere close, in fact, and don't see it as a priority. Just FYI. 

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 12:19:30 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 14:

All this talk about trans-Jordan man-dates... very intersectional!

JCM 10/16/2023 1:00:16 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 17:

My pronouns are (Bal/four)

JCM 10/16/2023 1:02:16 PM

Blue state delivers crippling blow to green energy development, jeopardizing Biden's climate goals

Inflation is making Green Energy too expensive!


vxbush 10/16/2023 1:45:57 PM

In #19 JCM said: Inflation is making Green Energy too expensive!

It couldn't happen to a better industry. 

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 3:05:43 PM

 Iran warned on Monday evening that Islamist militants in the region that it backs could resort to “pre-emptive” attacks against Israel in “the coming hours”.”

Story was posted about two hours ago.


Interesting times.

Occasional Reader 10/16/2023 3:08:56 PM

Reminder: Nancy Pelosi is on record as declaring that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.

Kosh's Shadow 10/16/2023 4:36:07 PM

Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 14:

I note the PA has claimed Judea, Samaria, and Eastern Jerusalem were "Palestinian" while illegally occupied by Jordan.

Thus, they ADMIT Jordan is the Palestinian state. THey have their state. They can go there.

Kosh's Shadow 10/16/2023 5:22:41 PM
Kosh's Shadow 10/16/2023 6:11:44 PM


Ta Nehisi Coates Signs Letter Defending Hamas

Kosh's Shadow 10/16/2023 6:55:55 PM
So Sleepy Joe is going to Israel Wednesday.  I somewhat wonder if his handlers hope he gets killed by Hamas, but then I realize that would mean the US would have oppose Hamas fully, out in the open and in private, instead of pretending to support Israel.
Kosh's Shadow 10/16/2023 6:56:18 PM
Another jukebox

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