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Posted on 10/18/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 10/15/2023 5:07:01 PM

Posted by: JCM

vxbush 10/18/2023 5:51:04 AM
I got nothing today. I didn't sleep last night but still have to come to work. It's going to be a long, hard slog.
vxbush 10/18/2023 6:04:20 AM

Well, there's this story, which simply demonstrates a level of stupidity that used to be rarely seen but now seems to be the norm: What Deficit Update: Chicago Has $9000 Cash for Every Migrant

But don't ask for money to actually fix the roads in a manner that lasts more than one winter season. No, can't have that. Don't ask the state for money to make improvements to city infrastructure. We'll just watch them throw it at immigrants so they can get apartments, and then when the money runs out they can squat and can't be evicted. 

vxbush 10/18/2023 7:05:41 AM

Oh--the EU has pledged to triple its funding of the Gaza, from $25 million to $75 million. They claim that Israel h as a right to defend itself, and claim "we are working hard to ensure that innocent civilians in Gaza are provided support in this context." 

What you aren't allowed to say is how all the money is being stolen and none of it gets to the people. 

JCM 10/18/2023 7:11:58 AM

Iran shares chilling message for Israel after Gaza hospital explosion kills 500: ‘Time is OVER’

And I chilled because I'm 99.9999% sure this is a false flag.

Hamas / Iran would willing sacrifice 500 people, especially sick and injured because they take up resources, to turn the world against Israel.

JCM 10/18/2023 7:22:51 AM
IDF on LinkedIn is saying it was a Hamas Rocket that misfired and went off course.
JCM 10/18/2023 7:29:41 AM
IDF has a recording of Hamas talking about a failed launch.
lucius septimius 10/18/2023 8:15:28 AM

Reply to JCM in 4:

The latest pictures show that what was hit was a parking lot. The whole thing is nonsense, but it doesn't matter because now thanks to American Pravda and its various affiliates it has become "truth."

JCM 10/18/2023 10:01:59 AM
Parking lot or hospital, Al Jazeera broadcast video of the rocket, launch, failure then warhead impact in Gaza.
Occasional Reader 10/18/2023 10:36:18 AM

I'll give Biden credit for rhetorically supporting Israel (so far), and even visiting them during a time of war.  I would not have expected this of him.

Of course, "will it last" is the question. 

Occasional Reader 10/18/2023 10:37:58 AM

In #7 lucius septimius said: The whole thing is nonsense

BBC (yeah, yeah, I know) roundup of the evidence.  

Among other things, look at the "crater".  If that was an IAF bomb... must've been an awfully smallish bomb. 

Occasional Reader 10/18/2023 11:05:39 AM

In #7 lucius septimius said: what was hit was a parking lot

They tried to gain [jihadist] paradise

but blew up a parking lot

(Ooooohhh da da da)

/something like that

Occasional Reader 10/18/2023 12:49:58 PM

In #9 Occasional Reader said: I'll give Biden credit for rhetorically supporting Israel (so far), and even visiting them during a time of war.  I would not have expected this of him.

Now, on the other hand... good freaking GRIEF.

vxbush 10/18/2023 1:20:17 PM

In #12 Occasional Reader said: Now, on the other hand... good freaking GRIEF.

The government clearly has a private preference for the Palestinians over Israel. At least, certain departments that are involved with international affairs.

JCM 10/18/2023 3:09:25 PM

Reply to vxbush in 13:

State has been anti-semitic for at least the last 100 years. It's ingrained at foggy bottom.

Kosh's Shadow 10/18/2023 5:32:25 PM

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