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Monday, Pre-Halloween

Posted on 10/30/2023 5.47 AM

vxbush 10/30/2023 5:48:22 AM

Posted by: vxbush

vxbush 10/30/2023 5:49:32 AM

Biden now has to have pictures and names in order to recognize members of the media. And he is being prompted as to what the questions are going to be. 

Just remember, these are Top. Men.

vxbush 10/30/2023 5:50:59 AM

Statistic: 4.1% of Deaths in Canada Due to Government Euthanasia (MAID)


vxbush 10/30/2023 5:56:09 AM

Activist Dragged Out of Hillary Clinton Rally for Asking About Bill’s Visits to Epstein Island

The activist in question is not just anyone. 

Rosen is the founder of Predator Poachers, an organization that ‘conducts sting operations on adults who seek sexual activities with minors.’ He is known to confront Democrat politicians and trolls progressive causes. His organization claims responsibility for the arrests of at least 27 pedophiles in the U.S.

vxbush 10/30/2023 6:00:10 AM

Priorities: Biden FAA Pushes Diversity Hiring As Air Traffic Control Falls Into Chaos

This issue goes back to Obama's administration: 

Mountain States Legal Foundation sued on behalf of plaintiff Andrew Brigida and over 2,000 other air traffic controller applicants who had test scores invalidated due to former President Barack Obama’s 2015 FAA diversity policy intended to hire more minorities. The lawsuit became class-action certified in 2022.

A twitter quoted in the article has a great line: 

 Diversity shouldn’t include diversity of merit.

Occasional Reader 10/30/2023 6:12:49 AM

So, over the weekend, among other things we had a Jewish student center at Cornell University going into lockdown because of death threats; and thousands of bloodthirsty "protesters" shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge as they chanted for the elimination of Israel.   And that's not to mention the Muslim mob rampaging through the principal airport in Dagestan looking for "Jews" to kill.

But... no mean tweets!

vxbush 10/30/2023 8:07:32 AM

In #5 Occasional Reader said: But... no mean tweets!

Any action from the Republican is always considered the worst thing ever, and any action performed by those on the LLLleft are as pure as the driven snow.

JCM 10/30/2023 8:18:50 AM

Reply to vxbush in 4:

We've had a mid-air, 500 people are dead. But Air Traffic Control is diverse!

vxbush 10/30/2023 8:26:58 AM

$127 Billion in US Student Loans Now Flagged for Cancellation - About 30% of Planned Amount

Didn't this get recognized as illegal?

JCM 10/30/2023 8:28:08 AM

Reply to vxbush in 8:

How more blatant can a vote buying scheme get?

Occasional Reader 10/30/2023 11:11:39 AM

Reply to JCM in 9:

Not a smidgen of corruption.

Kosh's Shadow 10/30/2023 4:10:43 PM

In #5 Occasional Reader said: But... no mean tweets!

Trump: ‘The Fight Between Israel and Hamas Is Between Civilization and Savagery’

The mean tweet itself (link)

Occasional Reader 10/30/2023 4:25:32 PM

PBS Newshour interviewed among others one Lt. Col Frederic Wehrey (Ret.), USAF.

He called Israeli bombing "indiscriminate", and said the basis problem in Gaza is "the occupation". 

Fuck you, Jew-hating, lying scum. 

Occasional Reader 10/30/2023 4:40:51 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 12:

In fairness, the other guest was very good; and the overall coverage was better than I expected (in contrast to BBC's nauseating pro-Pali coverage).  The other guest was  "Retired Major General Yaakov Amidror was national security adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after a 36-year career in the Israeli Defense Force", and he at least pushed back saying "Gaza is not under occupation", though without adding "SINCE 2006 YOU FUCKING IDIOT", as he should have. 

Kosh's Shadow 10/30/2023 5:12:09 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 13:

Actually, I say Gaza is under occupation BY ARABS except for 1967-2005. And after this, they need to be removed.

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