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Posted on 11/13/2023 6.15 AM

vxbush 11/13/2023 6:16:43 AM

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vxbush 11/13/2023 6:17:46 AM
Good News: IDF Eliminates Top Hamas Commander Who Held 1,000 Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields
Occasional Reader 11/13/2023 7:41:12 AM

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WAR CRIME!!!11!!!! GENOCIDE!!!1111!!!

/wait for it

Occasional Reader 11/13/2023 7:55:38 AM

And for a totally unimportant bit of solipsistic trivia:

So I watched Goldfinger for the Nth time last night while preparing and eating dinner, and thought to myself:  Goldfinger's plan doesn't make any sense.

Okay, so he's going to (plot spoiler).....

....  blow up a dirty bomb at Fort Knox, in order to destroy  most of the US gold supply, thereby increasing the value of his own gold hoard.   But, in the process, he'll go from being a putatively legitimate, very wealthy businessman, with ample freedom of movement; to being the most hunted man on Earth.  So, really, this plan will impoverish and imperil him.  Meanwhile, the ChiComs are supposedly helping because Operation "Grand Slam" will "produce economic chaos in the West" (as I think Bond comments, or maybe it was "M").  Sure, but... they'll have carried out a nerve gas attack on a US Army base, followed by detonating an atomic weapon on the same, IN the US.   We'll nuke them 'till they glow, in response; and in 1964, US strategic nuclear forces were orders-of-magnitude more powerful than those of the ChiComs.  (Nor will the USSR have their backs, because the Sino-Soviet split had already occurred; hell, the Russkies would be happy to join in the attack on China.) 

Now, all that said: Yes, it's probably a mistake to over-analyzed James Bond movie plots. 

Occasional Reader 11/13/2023 9:37:30 AM

In #3 Occasional Reader said: to over-analyzed

Occasional Reader 11/13/2023 9:50:57 AM

 "Conservative" UK PM Sunak fires UK Home Secretary Bravermann for daring to speak the truth about the failure of multiculturalism and the current, massive pro-genocide protests in the UK.
JCM 11/13/2023 10:56:27 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 3:

Nothing ruins a fun movie like analyzing it.

I love both Top Gun Movie, but I leave my aviation nerd card at the door when I go watch them.

Why ruin a perfectly fun movie, extremely well done in every respect over trivial aviation details.

Occasional Reader 11/13/2023 11:36:02 AM

In #6 JCM said: Nothing ruins a fun movie like analyzing it.

And nothing ruins a fun movie analysis like criticizing it.

NOW, let's talk about the Star Wars plot shortcomings... beginning with the idea that the best way to hide Annakin Skywalker's son from him was to put him on Annakin's home planet, in his hometown, with his relatives, and name the kid "Skywalker"... 

JCM 11/13/2023 12:07:16 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 7:

Oh hush! ;-p

Occasional Reader 11/13/2023 5:48:15 PM

Hamas is having a very bad, not good, pretty terrible day/week/month.  


Kosh's Shadow 11/13/2023 6:14:00 PM
n #9 Occasional Reader said: Hamas is having a very bad, not good, pretty terrible day/week/month.  

But the Jew-hating world says it is all Israel's fault. And Israel needs to minimize civilian casualties even if they are tied to Hamas members (best image I can find of the origi

Kosh's Shadow 11/13/2023 6:43:18 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 10:

If you like that cartoon, you are raaaaaaaacist according to the WaPoo

Kosh's Shadow 11/13/2023 6:59:12 PM

In #11 Kosh's Shadow said: If you like that cartoon, you are raaaaaaaacist according to the WaPoo

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