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Thanksgiving Eve

Posted on 11/22/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 11/18/2023 5:38:19 PM

Posted by: JCM

vxbush 11/22/2023 5:05:13 AM
Good morning, campers. Safe travels to those of you transitioning to other locals to celebrate Thanksgiving. May your trips be easy and relaxing. 
vxbush 11/22/2023 5:12:46 AM

Media Matters has tried to tear down Elon Musk and X with multiple stories over the last few months. The latest claims that X is intentionally pushing extremist content. Except the idiots at MM don’t understand the concept of "digital evidence" and Elon's people do. 

Quoting from the article: 

Since Twitter users can curate their own advertising experience, Musk says an internal investigation shows that MMFA used Twitter/X accounts opened slightly more than 30 days ago to "evade content filtering" and then followed only extremist accounts and the platform's largest advertisers, therefore "precision design[ing]" unique pairings of the two in their feed. But, the lawsuit claims, that was still not enough to create the unique and extremist content they wanted to use in their hit pieces. Musk says that to achieve the most damning-looking content, Media Matters had to resort "to endless scrolling and refreshing its unrepresentative, hand-selected feed, generated between 13 and 15 times more advertisements per hour than the typical X user." The lawsuit says this "inauthentic activity" was kept up until MMFA got the desired result: "controversial content next to X's largest advertisers' paid posts."

vxbush 11/22/2023 5:49:50 AM

Someone's contract is about to be canceled.

According to Polish news channel TVN24, a secret cryptomining rig was found under the floors of a Polish court, stealing thousands of Polish Zlotys worth of energy per month (the equivalent of roughly $250 per 1,000 Zlotys). "It's currently unknown how long the rig was running because the illegal operation went undetected, partly because the computers used were connected to the Internet through their own modems rather than through the court's network," reports Ars Technica.

vxbush 11/22/2023 5:59:17 AM

Gamechanging eye drops could replace reading glasses, study finds.

buzzsawmonkey 11/22/2023 11:38:26 AM

In #13 Occasional Reader said: Reply to buzzsawmonkey in 12: Very nice. Remind me, please; is that by you?

Indeed it is.  

Occasional Reader 11/22/2023 12:40:23 PM

Islam means peace.

Kosh's Shadow 11/22/2023 5:33:06 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 6:

Supposedly no connection to terrorism; the car hit a median.

Funny, I have never heard of a car blowing up because it hit a median. There must be hundreds of cars a year hitting a median, just in Massachusetts. No booms!

Occasional Reader 11/22/2023 7:11:34 PM

Ex Obama aide held by NYPD for the crime of…

[checks notes]

… being impolite to a Muslim.


Kosh's Shadow 11/22/2023 7:21:27 PM

In #8 Occasional Reader said: Ex Obama aide held by NYPD for the crime of… [checks notes] … being impolite to a Muslim.

But not Obama!

Occasional Reader 11/22/2023 7:30:21 PM
There are plenty of things to be worried about but also plenty of things to be thankful for. Let’s focus on the latter for the next day. Good night.
Kosh's Shadow 11/22/2023 8:01:21 PM

Looked for some dumb bad science fiction movie free on Amazon and found "Valerian: And the City of a Thousand Planets"  (IMDB link)

Quite bad but with some hotness. (Cara Delevingne, who can barey act her way out of a paper bag)

Cara Delevingne

Bad movies are great escapism. No emotional shit. Just pure escapism

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