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Hanukkah Friday, Day 1

Posted on 12/08/2023 5.36 AM

vxbush 12/8/2023 5:38:21 AM

Posted by: vxbush

vxbush 12/8/2023 5:38:59 AM

Buzz, there's your breakfast menorah for Hanukkah. 

Hey, JCM, we don't have any future posts scheduled for the week. Can you do that sometime today? 

vxbush 12/8/2023 5:44:41 AM
Hunter Biden is finally being charged with "failure to file and pay taxes; evasion of assessment; and false or fraudulent tax returns." He should also be charged with a gazillion FARA violations, but Democrats would never do that. 
vxbush 12/8/2023 5:47:59 AM
You have to love an old Gazan woman schooling a reporter on the truth
vxbush 12/8/2023 5:53:37 AM

Paula Bolyard makes the argument that if Republicans are successful in blocking TikTok in the US, it will cause all the young voters to flee to the Democrats. And a part of me can't argue with that. While it is a national security threat, it also swims too close to censorship (even if for a valid reason). 

So why can't we instead have a bill where TikTok is required to provide equal voices for any video or post, the way the Democrats of the 70's enforced equal time on the radio waves until Reagan stopped it? 

vxbush 12/8/2023 5:58:36 AM

If you're pulling out claims of nazism in your legal brief, you might want to think again about your argument. 

Sheesh. Based on the purpose of the lawsuit and the person whose name was written using angular S'es, perhaps the juror thought he had figured out the motivation for the doctor in question. In any case, he had every right to write his notes that way--and I can't speak to all juries, but when I was juror my notes were turned in and returned right back to me--no one else saw them. 

vxbush 12/8/2023 6:02:25 AM

A whistleblower in New Zealand released the number of people who died in close proximity to their COVID shots, and is now facing charges. I don't know what the laws in New Zealand are related to this, but the data released is concerning: 

Mr. Young presented connections between specific COVID-19 vaccine batches and mortality rates. The data he shared was alarming:

Batch ID 1: Total Vaccinated 711, Death Count 152, 21.38% Dead

Batch ID 8: Total Vaccinated 221, Death Count 38, 17.19% Dead

Batch ID 3: Total Vaccinated 310, Death Count 48, 15.48% Dead

Batch ID 4: Total Vaccinated 364, Death Count 37, 10.16% Dead

Batch ID 6: Total Vaccinated 1006, Death Count 101, 10.04% Dead

Batch ID 2: Total Vaccinated 1018, Death Count 98, 9.63% Dead

Batch ID 7: Total Vaccinated 38, Death Count 3, 7.89% Dead

Batch ID 72: Total Vaccinated 5882, Death Count 278, 4.73% Dead

Batch ID 62: Total Vaccinated 18173, Death Count 831, 4.57% Dead

Batch ID 71: Total Vaccinated 11019, Death Count 498, 4.52% Dead

The underlying mortality rate in New Zealand should be only 0.75%, said Young. He added that these batches were across all age groups, so it should all average out to that 0.75% mortality rate.

vxbush 12/8/2023 6:08:02 AM

Don't condemn the calls for Jewish genocide against Jewish students on your campus, lose out on a $100 million gift. Damn straight. 

JCM 12/8/2023 7:15:33 AM

Reply to vxbush in 1:

Will do sorry, been a crazy week and I keep forgetting.

JCM 12/8/2023 7:21:37 AM

Reply to JCM in 8:

There goes my Christmas bonus!

Occasional Reader 12/8/2023 7:36:12 AM

Reply to vxbush in 7:

I'm glad to see that the appalling "performance" of the Ivy Prezzies in front of Congress is actually getting coverage in the MSM. 

vxbush 12/8/2023 7:49:03 AM

In #8 JCM said: Will do sorry, been a crazy week and I keep forgetting.

No problems; life is simply crazy right now. A reminder doesn't cost me anything. 

vxbush 12/8/2023 7:51:45 AM

In #10 Occasional Reader said: I'm glad to see that the appalling "performance" of the Ivy Prezzies in front of Congress is actually getting coverage in the MSM. 

Yes, it is good. And they--meaning the elite at those colleges and the media--should pay attention to this and realize they are hurting themselves. 

Occasional Reader 12/8/2023 9:02:23 AM

CNN reporter has a great revelation: Hamas is a terrorist organization.

Who knew?! 

Kosh's Shadow 12/8/2023 4:55:16 PM

In #8 JCM said: Will do sorry, been a crazy week and I keep forgetting.

I don't see a Saturday thread yet. If there isn't one in a while, I will set one up

Kosh's Shadow 12/8/2023 6:56:15 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 14:

Saturday thread set up

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