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Posted on 12/29/2023 5.00 AM

JCM 12/23/2023 5:48:44 PM

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vxbush 12/29/2023 6:22:11 AM
Happy Friday before the end of the year, friends. My thanks to those who have followed the directions in the Frontier. I just need one more person to follow through, and then we're done. See the Frontier for more info. 
vxbush 12/29/2023 6:36:33 AM

This was an interesting post at Instapundit this morning, and not one I would have expected, to be honest: 

“I didn’t realize this until I saw it this morning, but if you exclude California homelessness has been steadily declining in the US since 2007. It’s down by a quarter over the past 15 years.”

There's not a lot of information about where this data is from, or what years it covers. The graphic at the link within the Instapundit article says the data is from the Department of HUD and covers the years 2007 to 2022, but not who is collecting the data, how they determine homelessness, etc. (And we've seen the government muck around with how government numbers are calculated, so I can't help but question the source data.)

The question that needs answering, though, and that isn't addressed in anything I saw, is how much of this decrease is (a) the homeless dying, (b) the homeless becoming homed again, or (c)  the homeless moving to California and that's why other states' homeless populations have decreased. I seem to recall stories showing homeless moving to California because of better benefits. The so-called success of the homelessness problem isn't clearly proven in this dataset. 

vxbush 12/29/2023 7:21:15 AM

As Biden Vacations in the Caribbean, a Second American Hostage Is Confirmed Dead

 According to Israel National News, "Kibbutz Nir Oz announced today (Thursday) that Judi Weinstein, a 70-year-old woman who was believed kidnapped on October 7, was in fact murdered by terrorists the day of the massacre and her body has been held in Gaza for nearly three months."

Judi is survived by four children and seven grandchildren. She dedicated her career to teaching English, specializing in working with children facing special needs, attention, and concentration issues. Additionally, she provided support to children dealing with anxiety and depression resulting from the constant threat of rockets from Gaza. Judi’s husband, Gadi Haggai, 73, also an Israeli-American, was confirmed last week to have died soon after being taken hostage by Hamas.

Prayers for that entire family and the entire Israeli nation. I was reading some truly horrific news about the way Hamas had treated women hostages this morning. Hamas deserves everything it is getting from Israel. 

vxbush 12/29/2023 7:26:41 AM

There is no reason to give Harvard President Claudine Gay any support in her role as president of Harvard after not supporting Jewish students at Harvard from antisemitism, but lately it appears that her so-called research is as flimsy as is her support for nonviolence: 

The 2001 study, titled “The Effect of Black Congressional Representation on Political Participation,” was one of four peer-reviewed articles that helped land Gay tenure at Stanford University, but its merit could not be properly reviewed by everyone, according to a post on the Dossier by Christopher Brunet. 

In 2002, Michael C. Herron, the Remsen 1943 professor of quantitative social science at Dartmouth, and Kenneth W. Shotts, the David S. and Ann M. Barlow professor of political economy at Stanford Graduate School of Business, claimed to debunk the very foundation of Gay’s research. 

At a conference of the Society for Political Methodology (PolMeth) that year, Herron and Shotts presented their research, finding inconsistencies in Gay’s paper where she concluded that the election of black Americans to Congress negatively affects white political involvement and rarely increases political engagement among black people. 

While Herron and Shotts highlighted errors by other researchers using El-R, they noted that their probe into how Gay reached her conclusion and the stats she listed were limited because she refused to share her research with them. 

I smell a hint of data fraud. 

vxbush 12/29/2023 7:35:12 AM
I'm calling this an ode to Deming, although it is also an ode to the scientific method and the need for data. Deming's work was called statistical process control in the 80's, but it was also the foundation for various quality systems such as Six Sigma. 
JCM 12/29/2023 7:53:05 AM

Reply to vxbush in 4:

Standford? Sounds like Gay got her education at MSU.

vxbush 12/29/2023 7:55:09 AM

Biologists airlift deer for health check in Utah

A still shot from the video just makes me think of all sorts of alternative headlines: