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Posted on 01/06/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 12/30/2023 5:47:08 PM

Posted by: JCM

Occasional Reader 1/6/2024 6:40:44 AM

Boeing 737 Max is, uh… in the news again.

JCM 1/6/2024 9:36:38 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 1:

First time I can recall and wing exit door coming open in flight.

This will be interesting. The need to find the door and look at the latches and mechanism.

JCM 1/6/2024 10:23:52 AM

Details on the 737 door loss.

This guy is a commercial pilot and does excellent aviation incident reports.

JCM 1/6/2024 10:35:39 AM

ATC communication of the flight.

Pilot on the comms was a little stressed at the beginning... totally expected.

Once they determined the plane was flying and controllable settle right down and got the plane down.

Kosh's Shadow 1/6/2024 4:32:57 PM

With the storm coming - 

Thre's no business like snow business like no business I know
Everything about it is a-plowing, so that the traffic will go flow
Nowhere could you get that happy feeling when you are clearing that snow-filled road

There's no people like snow people, they smile when clouds are low
Even with a blizzard out in the cold, you keep them stranded out in the snow

--More later

Kosh's Shadow 1/6/2024 4:34:40 PM
And our snowblower started right up when I tested it. Well, it is a Honda - didn't want to pay that much but the others the year our old one failed were Chinese junk.
Kosh's Shadow 1/6/2024 6:55:04 PM

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