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Posted on 01/14/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 1/13/2024 6:27:22 PM

Posted by: JCM

Occasional Reader 1/14/2024 7:23:49 AM

Gosh, it’s a good thing the Washington Post is all objective and non-partisan and stuff.

JCM 1/14/2024 9:15:43 AM

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I was at my MIL's place yesterday she still gets the dead tree Seattle Times. Top headline was about "asylum seekers" and how hard the cold weather is. They are illegal aliens, and if they have "asylum" documents they were illegal granted by the administration.

JCM 1/14/2024 9:20:06 AM

PSE customers asked to conserve energy to 'reduce strain on the grid' during frigid temps

Wat'cha gonna' do when all the electric cars come online?

JCM 1/14/2024 9:36:05 AM

This makes sense.....

But South Africa knows this and isn't trying to win this case - instead they are trying to get an emergency order for a ceasefire. In a vacuum a ceasefire might seem reasonable except that the Court does not have jurisdiction over Hamas - only over Israel: so only Israel would have to cease, while Hamas fires. 

JCM 1/14/2024 12:32:21 PM

Is this an insurrection?

The White House: BREAKING 

Protestors have breached the reinforced gate and riot police have confronted them - other protestors began scaling the fence 

No it is not they are pro-palestinian.

Kosh's Shadow 1/14/2024 12:54:04 PM
Looks like someone else found this site. Check yesterday's thread, especially BUzz.
buzzsawmonkey 1/14/2024 1:15:27 PM

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Kind of amusing that Leftists are chanting "FJB."

buzzsawmonkey 1/14/2024 1:16:05 PM

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Ignore the Hamas apologist.

Kosh's Shadow 1/14/2024 2:12:30 PM

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Kosh's Shadow 1/14/2024 2:14:45 PM

Our accountant (wife is self-employed, so an accountant is necessary) sent out her "Organizer" and other documents. 

Low tech printed (but oviously generated by tax software)

Which means I have to get started on the taxes; organizing my stuff, scanning the documents, returning ones needed and start filling out what details I have.

Kosh's Shadow 1/14/2024 2:46:56 PM

USA Boxing Allows Men To Fight Women

I have the fairly simple solution – Women’s boxing should allow, or even encourage, hitting below the belt.
Call it the Crocodile Dundee rule.

buzzsawmonkey 1/14/2024 3:09:20 PM

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buzzsawmonkey 1/14/2024 3:10:30 PM
Is BabbaZee still with us? And is her blog still live?
Kosh's Shadow 1/14/2024 3:22:07 PM

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BabbaZee is still a member but I am not familiar enough with her blog to tell if this is her or not


Kosh's Shadow 1/14/2024 5:08:08 PM

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buzzsawmonkey 1/14/2024 5:43:54 PM
Given the increasing Leftism of higher education, when will Wake Forest College change its name to "Woke Forest?"
Kosh's Shadow 1/14/2024 6:42:41 PM

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I thik Hahvahd should change its name to Hamas University

And its shield that says "Ve-ri-tas" to "Ju-den-hass"

buzzsawmonkey 1/14/2024 9:16:09 PM
It appears that the Albionic dogsqueeze has cut and run.  It's probably trying to negotiate a "ceasefire" on behalf of Hamas.

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