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Posted on 01/21/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 1/20/2024 6:51:21 PM

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Occasional Reader 1/21/2024 7:09:37 AM
Greetings from Westchester County, New York, where I’m once again, here to help my elderly parents. This is quite an exhausting stage in life for all concerned. But anyway.

The results of this poll are absolutely terrifying:

vxbush 1/21/2024 7:42:22 AM

Kosh's Shadow 1/21/2024 9:12:56 AM

Repost from last night

Who is behind all the anti-Israel riots in NYC?


Congressman Ritchie Torres (D-NY) has called on Goldman Sachs to cut ties with The People’s Forum, the far-left New York City organization that, along with recurrent Scroll content generators Within Our Lifetime and the Palestinian Youth Movement, has been sponsoring anti-Israel rallies across the city ever since Oct. 7. 

Rather, Goldman Sachs is managing a donor-advised fund for an actual rich Maoist, Neville Roy Singham. Singham, who funds The People’s Forum as well as several other far-left organizations, including Code Pink (run by his wife), is a Shanghai-based centimillionaire with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Here’s how The New York Times described the results of its investigation to Singham in 2023, which we’ll quote at length:


Kosh's Shadow 1/21/2024 9:16:41 AM

In #1 Occasional Reader said: The results of this poll are absolutely terrifying:

Yes. The results would likely be more terrifying if they set the income limit to something like 500K.

Kosh's Shadow 1/21/2024 9:17:19 AM
That picture must have been taken quickly before the seagulls swooped down.
JCM 1/21/2024 9:42:18 AM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 1:

Too much freedom?

What we have is lack of responsibility and the abdication of that trait to government.

Kosh's Shadow 1/21/2024 10:47:16 AM

Reply to JCM in 6:

But how can the elite feel really elite if the rest of the citizens have the same rights? No, they want to be medieval nobles and the rest of us serfs.

There has to be a serfing song in there somewhere.

Kosh's Shadow 1/21/2024 12:21:05 PM
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis drops out of 2024 presidential race, endorses Trump
JCM 1/21/2024 12:48:13 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 7:

I don't know if you keep up with the WEF.... the elite of the elite.

Klaus Schwab... sounds like Hitler in '36.

You want to terrifying, with the exception of Argentina President Milei... terrifying also.

Kosh's Shadow 1/21/2024 1:31:24 PM

In #9 JCM said: I don't know if you keep up with the WEF.... the elite of the elite.

The WEF deserves a meteor.

WHO director calls for world pandemic treaty to prepare for Disease X

Ghebreyesus told the World Economic Forum that he hoped countries would reach a pandemic agreement by May to address this 'common enemy'

This means they are working on the new disease.

I'm sure they'll have it ready in time for the election

Kosh's Shadow 1/21/2024 5:28:59 PM

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Kosh's Shadow 1/21/2024 5:33:51 PM

And we need all the sponsors we can get

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