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Posted on 01/27/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 1/20/2024 6:58:48 PM

Posted by: JCM

JCM 1/27/2024 12:24:51 PM

'Terrifying' video of border crosser saying 'you are going to know who I am' is another reminder that Biden's policies are letting terrorists come into the U.S., top Republican warns 

Appears to be this guy.

Islamic Party Of Azerbaijan Head Jailed For 12 Years

Decoy Voice posted this video...

Whether or not it is the same person the vile Mayorkas at the direction of Biden's controllers is not vetting the people invading.

JCM 1/27/2024 1:18:52 PM

Ben Shapiro's new anti-woke rap single tops Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears

Ben partner's with Tom MacDonald in rap. I'm not a rap fan, it was a catchy beat and lyrics were good.

Ben's part was to me hysterically funny.

The left is melting down which makes it an epic troll.

"Facts" - Tom MacDonald (feat. Ben Shapiro)

JCM 1/27/2024 1:23:13 PM

UNRWA fires 12 staffers who allegedly took part in October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, US cuts funding

POTUS JCM would PNG every single diplo assigned to the UN on a 24 hour notice.

Kosh's Shadow 1/27/2024 6:24:56 PM

Reply to JCM in 3:

I'd introduce at least the number of resolutions passed against Israel against other countries, and insist they ALL pass, or the US will have to consider the UN meets the IHRA definition of anti-semitism and the US cannot either be a member nor support it in any way. All UN payents are frozen until all pass.

Also, Iran must be suspended or expelled for calling for the destruction of TWO UN member states, including the host country. That MUST pass within 24 hours or no US money can be spent towards the UN; they lose free NYC parking; the UN has to pay for security and compensate NYC for any disruptions, etc.

And because Iran has called for destruction of the US, its diplomatic mission to the UN is immediately reduced to the absolute minimum and the US will have to monitor it for any attempts to cause trouble in the US. Diplomatic immunity will be stripped for any illegal activity in the US. 

I figure the UN (Ugly Nazi) will be gone from the US within a week. After some serious fumigation, the building will be turned into a museum of all the UN's failures that can fit.

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