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Posted on 01/30/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 1/27/2024 6:56:52 PM

Posted by: JCM

vxbush 1/30/2024 5:48:04 AM

So Joe Biden misrepresented what Trump said about the economy, but when he did so he referred to Trump as "a sitting president." 

So Joe doesn't think he's actually president. Good to know. He should leave, now.

vxbush 1/30/2024 5:55:33 AM

While it's heartening to see that Fani Willis is finally coming under a microscope for her egregious hiring of her lover as a special prosecutor and then spending thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to him so they could go on their love trysts, it bothers me greatly that only now, after the shadiness of hiring the special prosecutor has come to light, has action started in the Georgia Senate with an impeachment charge against Fannie and a Senate committee that will investigate Willis. 

I guess part of me can understand that people thought there were actual pieces of evidence that justified filing the charges, but her actions before the news came out about her special relationship with the special prosecutor has rankled many people. I wish these senators had felt empowered enough to do something then. 

vxbush 1/30/2024 6:56:29 AM

Reply to vxbush in 2:

Reference article: Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis's Troubles Just Got Much Worse

vxbush 1/30/2024 9:06:33 AM

Tens of Millions in Additional Fraud Uncovered in Ukraine

I'm noticing a theme with Ukraine and "fraud." 

buzzsawmonkey 1/30/2024 2:48:14 PM
The Ukraine has desgnated Fraudo to be the bling-bearer.
Kosh's Shadow 1/30/2024 6:38:46 PM

The picture reminds me of:

Become an Engineer! Train at home!

Possum 1/30/2024 7:31:22 PM
A missed opportunity

Buzzsawmonkey, the owner of the Blogmocracy would have let you back in but somehow you kind of messed it up.

You need to learn to kiss ass....

buzzsawmonkey 1/30/2024 9:22:54 PM

Reply to Possum in 7:

Die in a fire, Bigot-Boy.  Kissing ass to consort with filth like you is a non-starter.

Go back to your Rotherham grooming gang..

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