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Posted on 01/31/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 1/27/2024 6:58:10 PM

Posted by: JCM

vxbush 1/31/2024 5:36:46 AM
In Yesterday's #5, buzzsawmonkey wrote: The Ukraine has desgnated Fraudo to be the bling-bearer.

Oh, that's good. 

vxbush 1/31/2024 5:47:16 AM
No surprises here, alas, as this is par for the course: Israel Details UNRWA Employee Terrorist Activities on October 7
vxbush 1/31/2024 5:49:36 AM

Yes, please: New Bill Introduced to Permanently Defund Terrorist Infested UNRWA

We should never support any organization that stands against our one democratic friend in the Middle East. 

vxbush 1/31/2024 5:54:54 AM
I can't help but think of tape backups: Japan government accepts it’s no longer the ’90s, stops requiring floppy disks
vxbush 1/31/2024 6:00:38 AM
This is interesting, but for me it's not about the Mar-a-Lago case against Trump but I'm wondering what else has this committee been doing for the last few years. Does it still exist? Rarely do government organizations disband.

Secret Obama Memo Could Impact Jack Smith’s Classified Documents Case Against Trump

vxbush 1/31/2024 6:06:29 AM

Report: J6 Pipe Bomber Is a Government Official – FBI Had His License Plate Number but Refused to Interview Him

This article quotes from the Daily Wire: 

A former FBI agent said that the Bureau quickly believed that it tied the person who planted pipe bombs at the Democrat National Committee and the Republican National Committee to a particular Metro fare card and license plate, but did not allow him to interview the person of interest and pulled his team off of the lead.

The allegation raises more questions about the pipe bombs, which were by far the most violent aspect of the January 6 protests, but which Democrats and authorities have seldom mentioned since.

Kyle Seraphin, who led FBI surveillance teams, told The Daily Wire that shortly after January 6, a counterintelligence team met him at a firehouse in Falls Church, Virginia to brief him on his next surveillance target: They had used security footage to follow the person into a Metro station after he planted the bombs, and identified the fare card that was used.


That fare card then allowed them to determine that the person got off at a Metro stop in Northern Virginia, where surveillance footage showed the person entering a car. Both the car and the fare card were in the name of the same person — a retired Air Force chief master sergeant who was now working as a contractor with a security clearance, they said.

Seraphin and his team were assigned to stake out the person’s row house for days, but the FBI blocked his request to interview the person, he said. Then they were called off the target completely and told to pore through low-priority leads about minor January 6 participants, he said.

There's little about January 6 that  doesn't stink.

vxbush 1/31/2024 6:07:05 AM

Massive Gas Pipeline Explosion in Oklahoma Panhandle — Pipeline Erupts Into 500-Foot Flames (VIDEO)

vxbush 1/31/2024 6:09:09 AM

BREAKING: Top Trump Prosecutor Nathan Wade Settles Divorce Case on Eve of Hearing to Avoid Testimony on ‘Improper’ Relationship with Fani Willis

I don't know if that's going to protect him enough.

vxbush 1/31/2024 6:10:03 AM

Harvard University Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Hit With 40 Credible Plagiarism Accusations in Brand New Scandal for College – Allegedly Stole the Work of Nearly a Dozen Scholars Including Her Own Husband

vxbush 1/31/2024 6:19:18 AM

This sounds wrong, but I know there are only so many lawyers in the world and it's bound to be the case that people who work together end up being in the same courtroom. What's the right way forward on this? 

Trump’s Defense Team Investigates Potential for New Trial Following Discovery of Judge’s Connections to Carroll’s Attorney — Further Details Reveal Carroll’s Other Lead Counsel Previously Served as Judge’s Clerk, and Judge Kaplan Co-officiated Her Wedding

JCM 1/31/2024 8:27:33 AM
vxbush, your stories collective appear to be coming from 3rd world banana republic shithole.
vxbush 1/31/2024 8:44:33 AM

In #11 JCM said: vxbush, your stories collective appear to be coming from 3rd world banana republic shithole.

Well, isn't that what we have become in the Biden era? I'm not proud of it, either, These are the stories that have caught my eye today. 

vxbush 1/31/2024 8:46:51 AM

Reply to JCM in 11:

By the way, that's a lovely tea service you've got in the picture above. 

Occasional Reader 1/31/2024 9:19:46 AM

In #11 JCM said: vxbush, your stories collective appear to be coming from 3rd world banana republic shithole.


And that's a very depressingly true observation.

JCM 1/31/2024 9:26:13 AM

Reply to vxbush in 13:

Breakfast on the Orient Express.

Occasional Reader 1/31/2024 10:09:39 AM

In #15 JCM said: Breakfast on the Orient Express.

When you get to dinner, look out for the guy who orders red wine with fish. 

Occasional Reader 1/31/2024 12:08:00 PM

Terrorism works


vxbush 1/31/2024 1:21:22 PM

In #17 Occasional Reader said: Terrorism works.  /spit

Good grief. These people clearly don't listen to anyone, such as, for example, most of the Arab world. 

JCM 1/31/2024 1:53:26 PM

Federal judge dismisses Disney's free speech lawsuit against DeSantis

U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor in Tallahassee said in his decision that Disney lacked standing in its First Amendment lawsuit against the Republican governor, the secretary of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and DeSantis' appointees to the Disney World governing district. 

Kosh's Shadow 1/31/2024 4:36:23 PM
Looks like I have to do some debugging on why blocked users aren't blocked
Kosh's Shadow 1/31/2024 5:40:37 PM
Jukebox - how I feel

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