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Sunday, on time for a change

Posted on 03/17/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 3/16/2024 7:29:28 PM

Posted by: JCM

Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 8:21:56 AM

But it is St. Patrick's Day - need an appropriate image:

You will have to supply the green beer yourself

JCM 3/17/2024 9:30:51 AM
Completely forgot about St. Patrick's Day.... by gosh and by gorrah!
Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 9:46:01 AM

In #2 JCM said: Completely forgot about St. Patrick's Day.... by gosh and by gorrah!

Well, I grew up in Boston, where St. Paddy's day is a major holiday, celebrated as in this video

Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 9:58:22 AM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 3:

For those not from around heah, in Massachusetts, a store that sells liquor by the container is a "package store", commonly referred to as a "packie"

buzzsawmonkey 3/17/2024 11:37:34 AM

In #4 JCM said: Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 3: Call we call Phucky Schmucky a Kapo?

Call him a capon.

Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 1:20:37 PM

In #5 buzzsawmonkey said: Call him a capon.


Useful idiot

CyberSimian 3/17/2024 2:50:59 PM
Drinking Jameson, searching for pictures of Spider-Man,,,,
CyberSimian 3/17/2024 2:55:15 PM
Babbazee's favorite video for St. Patty's Day:
Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 4:22:09 PM

A song always played on St. Patricks Day when I was growing up:

Do I smell perfume? It's Eau de Clancy

Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 4:26:21 PM
Another jukebox from Ireland
Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 4:31:57 PM
And another St. Patrick's Day jukebox
Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 5:52:46 PM

Politicians seem to find out early
How to win with just a smile
BIg White House he'll never have to worry
Media will protect him in his lies

Original jukebox

Kosh's Shadow 3/17/2024 6:18:52 PM
An unusual St. Patrick's Day jukebox

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