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Posted on 03/29/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 3/23/2024 5:22:49 PM

Posted by: JCM

Kosh's Shadow 3/28/2024 4:22:46 PM

Too good to be buried on yesterday's thread:

Maybe it isn't such a good idea to let anyone set up events on RFK,Jr's campaign site

JCM 3/29/2024 7:41:39 AM

If you wanted to cause more inflation and further disrupt the supply chain what would you do?

Biden cracks down on diesel trucks in bid to fight climate change, reduce emissions

The bridge collapse is a blip. This insanity is catastrophe.

vxbush 3/29/2024 8:20:36 AM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 1:

Yes, I read about that from a different site this morning. Believe all women, hmmm? What's surprising is that the Dems haven't used that information against him. They didn't want him running against Biden, and I guess that now that he's running as an independent they aren't worried about him. 

vxbush 3/29/2024 8:25:43 AM

White House Trying to Salvage the Nomination of First Muslim Federal Judge

Three Democrats oppose him, so perhaps he won't make it to the judgeship. 

vxbush 3/29/2024 8:29:03 AM

DNC Holds 'Emergency Call' As Dems Panic Over RFK Jr.'s VP Pick

The article references several PACs that are mounting smear compaigns against RKFJr, claiming he is supported by MAGA people. 

And no where in all of this is there even the hint of a suggestion of how the Dems supported Trump over the other Republican candidates in 2016, thinking he would be easier for Hillary to beat. 

vxbush 3/29/2024 8:32:09 AM

Schumer Announces Majorkas Impeachment Trial Will Commence in April, Sen. Patty Murray Will Preside

Can you guess how Schumer is going to feel about this? From the article: 

"Schumer has called the move against Mayorkas a “new low for House Republicans” and alleged the “only reason for this impeachment is for Speaker Johnson to further appease Donald Trump.” 

This is rich coming from a guy who clapped along slavishly for the two ridiculous, failed impeachment trials against Trump."

Yeah, This is going to waste time and change nothing. 

vxbush 3/29/2024 8:34:55 AM

China Builds Mock-Up of Key Government District in Taiwan - for Invasion Training?

I really don't like the sound of this. China is not doing this to play house.

JCM 3/29/2024 9:33:47 AM

Reply to vxbush in 7:

It's looking more and more like Trump might win.

China knows they have go before then.

If you've been following the news out of China the PLA has had major issues and top brass disappearing. Many analysts are saying China could barely manage a Taiwan invasion. They could not withstand US involvement.

If they take Taiwan before the election and dig in they'd have an advantage.

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