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Late Sunday Brunch

Posted on 04/21/2024 7.56 AM

Kosh's Shadow 4/21/2024 7:56:44 AM

Posted by: Kosh's Shadow

buzzsawmonkey 4/21/2024 11:50:29 AM

NPR, today, was lionizing some female Iranian writer-artist for her new hard hitting graphic novel attacking the oppressive, patriarchal, brutal mullahs who rule Iran.

This is the same NPR that has been cheerleading for the past six months on behalf of the "Palestinian" proxies of those very same oppressive, patriarchal, brutal mullahs who rule Iran.

Occasional Reader 4/21/2024 7:39:49 PM
Greetings from the greater New York metro area, or I am once again for the umpteenth time in the last year and a half year for family matters related to aging parents.

My God, but do I need a “grown-up “vacation.
Kosh's Shadow 4/21/2024 8:04:25 PM

Reply to Occasional Reader in 2:

I haven't had a real vacation in years

Occasional Reader 4/21/2024 8:07:21 PM

Reply to Kosh's Shadow in 3:

in my humble opinion, you should take one.

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