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Posted on 04/22/2024 5.00 AM

JCM 4/21/2024 5:06:12 PM

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vxbush 4/22/2024 5:56:41 AM
Biden’s America: Jewish Students Advised to Flee Columbia University for Their Own Safety
vxbush 4/22/2024 5:59:36 AM

I did not expect this

Michael Avenatti, porn star Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer, is now doing time for a variety of crimes including theft and fraud. This has given him some time to think about the man whose indictment he called forback in 2018, and whom he thought he could defeat for the presidency in 2020. Avenatti has thought so much about the whole thing that he has done a 180 and completely changed his positions. 

vxbush 4/22/2024 6:00:45 AM

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Oh, and Bill Barr, who intentionally hamstrung Trump, now says, in this same article, that the Biden administration is "the greater threat to democracy." Oy. 

vxbush 4/22/2024 6:20:29 AM

Another example of an oxymoronic statement from Rep. Gerald Connolly, (D-VA):

“Some say, well, we have to deal with our border first. The Ukrainian Russian border is OUR border!" Connolly yelled. 

vxbush 4/22/2024 6:22:35 AM

Babylon Bee CEO: ‘Scientific Progressivism Is a Religion’

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon took on a wacky piece from Scientific American that tries to defend “transgenderism” in the face of the blindingly obvious fact that a person cannot, in fact, change his sex through surgeries, hormone injections, clothes, or hairstyles. But “scientific” progressivism is no longer about science or truth; it is an irrational and dictatorially dogmatic religion, in which anyone who questions a pronouncement made in the name of “The Science” is figuratively burned at the stake for his inexcusable heresy.

The bigger question is, how do you put science back in line with reality when the push within science has been subservience with progressivism for years now? 

JCM 4/22/2024 6:54:24 AM

Reply to vxbush in 5:

We should ask Galileo for advice.

JCM 4/22/2024 7:03:31 AM

Let's call it what it is.

A Campus Kristallnacht, with Brown Shirts who wear keffiyeh and not a brown shirt.

JCM 4/22/2024 11:37:27 AM


Los Angeles mayor's house burglarized after urging wealthy residents to house homeless

JCM 4/22/2024 11:58:39 AM

Oh, that's right it's compost your girlfriend in a trunk day!

Happy Erf Day!

vxbush 4/22/2024 12:40:44 PM

In #8 JCM said: Los Angeles mayor's house burglarized after urging wealthy residents to house homeless

*Chef's kiss*

JCM 4/22/2024 1:30:00 PM

Reply to vxbush in 10:

If she'd have just let them it wouldn't have been a burglary!


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